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Dimensional Letters

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Dimensional letters are the workhorses of the signage industry. Suitable for interior and exterior sign products, they make excellent lobby, storefront and wayfinding markers. What are your options?

Acrylic, PVC and Plastic

These materials are long lasting and well suited for interior and exterior applications. Our artists laser-cut them for thicknesses ranging from 1/8th of an inch to 1 inch. The height of the lettering depends on the appropriate visibility needed. For exterior applications, we take into consideration the traffic in front of your venue and the speed at which cars travel. The higher the speed, the taller the letters need to be.

For interior uses, acrylic offers the distinct advantage of presenting your lobby wall with a chic and glossy appearance, which is attractive and makes the marker stand out. Combine the dimensional letters with acrylic boards for artistic displays. Cast plastic provides for the appearance of prismatic faces, which gives the signage a three-dimensional effect. PVC is durable and budget-friendly.


Channel Letter Signs West Palm Beach FLWe work with indoor and outdoor-rated foam. When you desire an interior signage product that creates a dramatic 3D effect, the thickness of the foam – we can accommodate up to four inches – is the main reason for selecting this material. Paint it in your company’s colors or add acrylic or metal laminates.

For exterior usage, foam provides durability and versatility. Let us paint it or apply digitally imprinted vinyl overlays that allow us to add graduated coloring to your letters as well as a broad range of style elements.


The most commonly chosen metal for dimensional letters is aluminum. The lightweight material does not rust and may be painted to take on a broad range of looks. Select from a flat-cut or cast look. Mounting options include the flush mount or the projected mount that makes the lettering stand out. Other metal options, which our clients usually select for the interior, include bronze, stainless steel and brass.

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The professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics serve the business communities in and around West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Green Acres, FL. Call us today to discuss your signage needs and to discover what a dimensional letter sign could do for the appearance of your business. Our professionals work with you to decide on the font, color display, mounting options and the ideal sizing for optimal display effectiveness.



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