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Wall Murals & Digital Art

Wall murals are among the signage products that have the power to change the look and feel of a venue in the most dramatic manner possible. In addition, this is the kind of change that takes place overnight. What are your options?

Wall Murals for Interior and Exterior Walls

Wall Murals & Digital Art West Palm Beach FLCorporate branding has never been easier. When you are in the business of manufacturing green widgets, display an exterior wall mural that features the product and its use. On the interior, the mural changes the décor of a pizza restaurant from so-so to authentic Italian with little more than a printed graphics setup that transforms the venue into an old-world pizzeria. The vinyl product attaches to all wall types – even the ones with deep grout lines.

Wall Lettering and Graphics

Conference rooms, reception areas and exam rooms in medical facilities benefit from the display of wall lettering and graphics. These products have the power to encourage those visiting to learn more about the business while also putting them at ease. In addition, the use of graphics makes it easy to incorporate a logo and brand the location.

Wall Displays

Wall Murals and Wall Graphics West Palm Beach FLVinyl wall displays can tell the story of your company. Use the wall of a long hallway to show off the beginning of the company and then continue on to where you currently are going with the business. Using graphics and lettering as well as stylized decals can create an interesting wall display. Another wall exhibit is the donor tree that you sometimes see in the foyers of churches, non-profit organizations and similar venues. Recognizing donors in this manner bespeaks your gratitude and encourages others to follow suit.

Framed Posters and Canvas Prints

Turn your lobby into a relaxing waiting room with the display of framed posters or canvas prints of products, scenes from the manufacturing process of your widgets or simply happy consumers making use of your products or services. Car dealerships, art galleries and sports clubs have already recognized that this is an excellent marketing method without so much as a sales presentation. After all, who does not want to have what those happy folks in the pictures have?

Best Uses

  • Corporate Branding
  • Company Reception and Lobby Areas
  • Wall Displays West Palm Beach County FLConference, Meeting, and Board Rooms
  • Exhibition Walls and Floor for Trade Shows
  • Interiors for Cafes and Restaurants
  • Hospital, Doctor’s, Dentist’s Waiting Rooms
  • Nursery Schools and Day-Care Centers
  • Sports Club Reception Halls
  • Museum and Gallery Foyers
  • Car Showrooms and Sales Centers
  • Reception Areas in Health Clubs, Clinics and Spas

Commissioning Your Wall Murals and Digital Art Products

Whether you are ready to treat the exterior wall of a sports field or the interior wall of your conference room, lobby or other location, contact the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics. We serve the business communities in and around West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Green Acres, FL. Call us today to get started.

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