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30 Nov 2015

Channel Letters Brighten The Club at Ibis in West Palm Beach

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The Club at Ibis is quickly becoming a West Palm Beach institution that defines the lifestyle of its membership. Located at 8225 Ibis Boulevard, the $33 million club renovation included the construction of an 80,000-square-foot clubhouse. With the addition of this space, members now enjoy the availability of upscale banquet and meeting spaces. When the Club needed channel letters for its wall display, the management team contacted the signage experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Channel Letters for West Palm Beach, FL

Channel Letters for Event Centers West Palm Beach FL

The selection of channel letters for The Club at Ibis may seem like a daring choice. After all, why not opt for a dimensional letter display instead? Since the goal was the presentation of a self-lit marker, this signage solution is the best option. In fact, our design specialists succeeded in turning the channel letter design into a look that mimicked the display of dimensional counterparts.

Rather than mounting the individual pieces to a raceway, we attached them to the wall with offsets. The clean look of the design enhances the attractive wall presentation. It suites the surrounding landscaping without requiring the installation of a light source that would take away from the overall display and feel of the flowerbed’s appearance after dark. By making excellent use of the signage solution’s versatility, the product harmonizes with the overall appeal that the newly renovated property now possesses.

Choosing Signage for Your Exterior Walls

Channel Letters for County Clubs in West Palm Beach FL

Do you operate a club, golf course or upscale shopping venue that relies on a wall for a definition of its boundaries? Are you in charge of a neighborhood association that is responsible for an area with a wall displaying the subdivision’s name? If so, signage can be a difficult product to select. Although you want the atmosphere of the setting to come through, you do not wish to compromise on functionality. Channel letters clearly offer an advantage that dimensional letters cannot provide: integrated illumination.

  • Standard lighting. Allow the light to escape from the front of the letters. Hidden within the aluminum bodies are light sources that enable the lighting to escape through the polycarbonate fronts of the products.
  • Backlit options. When mounted with offsets, it is possible for the light to shine through the backs of the letters. The front and sides become the aluminum body whereas the backs are open. After dark, the illumination bathes the letters in a halo of soft light.
  • Combined lighting displays. A third option permits you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Although you sacrifice some of the illumination’s strength, you are rewarded with a display that gives you the direct lighting as well as the soft halo effect.

Discussing Your Signage Options with an Expert

Channel Letters West Palm Beach FL

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your need for illuminated channel letters in West Palm Beach, FL. We sit down with you or your management team to learn more about the venue’s overall atmosphere, its already existing signage products and the way you envision the integration of a new signage component. We show you what the proposed new marker will look like via sketches. Doing so allows you to see the sign through the eyes of a first-time visitor or guest. Contact us today to find out more about the process.

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