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5 Sep 2023

How Signage Helps Businesses Of All Kinds To Thrive In Their Marketplaces

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No signage, no business. At least, this is the impression a company could give off to the general public. Can you even imagine a place of business not having a sign to showcase its location? Let it be known that a well-designed, high-quality sign does so much more than just alert consumers to the existence of a company. It has the ability to showcase just how prestigious said company is.

Signage can be used as a dynamic marketing tool.

It can be used to promote new products, announce sales or highlight special offers. Eye-catching graphics and persuasive messages can pique customers’ interest. It encourages them to explore what you have to offer. Well-designed signage is a cost-effective way to keep your audience informed about your latest offerings.

“Signs can help you convey short, concise bits of promotional information that can generate additional sales,” writes Chris Joseph on Chron.com, “A sign that tells about a special sale you are running, for example, may entice people to stop in on impulse and make a purchase. You can also use a sign to tout a recent award your business has won or remind people that it is the time of year to make use of a seasonal service your business provides.”

An attractive storefront sign can significantly boost foot traffic.

Quite often, your storefront signage is the first impression customers have of your business. The better its design, the more likely it will be to encourage people to step inside. The curb appeal created by well-designed signage can lead to increased foot traffic. This, in turn, translates into higher sales opportunities. It’s like a warm invitation that welcomes customers to discover what lies beyond your entrance.

ComQi is a digital signage company with offices in New York and Toronto. “Your signage letters, color combinations, lighting, and placement determine how well people will notice and get attracted to your business,” says their website, “The secret is an eye-catching digital sign with a clear and concise message. The letters should be big and bold enough to be read from a distance.”

Signage can keep your customers and employees safer.

Strategically-placed signage can be used to mark hazardous areas. We’re talking construction zones, chemical storage areas or areas with heavy machinery. These signs alert individuals to potential dangers and encourage them to exercise caution or restrict access.

“If you operate in a larger facility, signs can direct customers to where they wish to go and help them avoid confusion,” Joseph points out, “Signs can also alert customers and employees alike to any safety issues they need to be aware of. If your operation is more ‘self-serve’ in nature, your customers may need to rely on clearly written signs as a means of conducting business effectively.”

Let’s get to work on some high-quality signage for your business!

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