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11 Aug 2014

The Best Custom Signs In West Palm Beach FL

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Custom Signs in West Palm Beach FL

the best custom signs in West Palm Beach FLStellar Signs is your one stop shop for the best custom signs in West Palm Beach FL.  You worked hard to build your business and drive traffic to your shop.  Since the recent recession, there is more competition than ever for consumer’s dollars.  How do you ensure your business will not only generate enough revenue to support itself (and be profitable) but also get the attention it deserves?

Your Attention Please

Your business should reach out and grab potential customers.  Signage is a perfect way to accomplish that goal.  Your business needs to stand out, not only from the ones around it, but from your competition.  Stellar signs will not only meet your needs, but exceed far beyond what you can imagine.

Our services and products go far beyond what we can tell you in one article, but check out our website to see the full range of what we can offer you.  Just to hit the high spots, let’s talk about some options you might want to consider and why.

Illuminated Signs

Even in the daytime an illuminated sign will increase visibility of your business, as well as at night.  Your illuminated sign works overtime, even when you don’t.  Leaving your sign lit at all times attracts customers even when you are closed.  You never know when potential customers will be passing by.  Let’s say your business is located near a movie theater or restaurant.  An attention grabbing lighted sign will be seen by people who may never have seen your store before and are only there for the movie or dinner after you are closed.  Another use is inside your business.  Use it to draw attention to areas that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Illuminated signs can also be used remotely to let people know you are there by placing a sign beside the road or on an existing shopping center sign.

Channel Letters

business signs in West Palm BeachChannel letters are extremely popular.  You can see them most everywhere you go on businesses.  Channel letters are the 3D letters on many business signs in West Palm Beach.  They are made from aluminum to be both lightweight and rust free.  The sides of the letters are made from aluminum, while the faces are made of acrylic (in nearly any color you can imagine) and lighted from within.

It’s a popular choice for many reasons.  It attracts attention, which you want, it’s very cost effective, is appealing to the eye and the LED lighting is energy efficient.  It’s advertising that keeps going without on-going cost.  Repeated radio and TV advertising requires repeated payments as well.  Your lighted sign is a one-time investment with minimal maintenance costs.  It’s the ad that keeps on going.

You can add other elements besides lettering.  A snazzy logo with your own personal “brand ambassador” or “mascot” can add pizzazz and draw customers in. Channel letters are incredibly versatile allowing many different styles of lettering, even your custom business lettering can be made into a channel letter lighted sign.

Let Stellar Signs show you how a custom sign can really work for your business and pay for itself faster than you ever imagined.  Our signs love to work for you.



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