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20 May 2016

3 Reasons to Add Contractor Truck Graphics in Palm Beach County

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Building your territory in and around Pam Beach County can seem like a daunting process. There is plenty of competition in your niche. But if you are a newcomer to the trade, you cannot afford to take your time with building the business. You need to hit the ground running and competing effectively. Of course, this is true also for the established contractor who is trying to widen a territory or bring in new customers to make up for the ones who moved. When you need this kind of edge, you cannot go wrong with contractor truck graphics in Palm Beach County Fl.

1. Stats and Facts Do Not Lie: Graphics Packages are More Affordable than Traditional Ads contractor truck graphics in Palm Beach County Fl

If you have ever heard the pest control contractor on the radio or seen the general contractor’s billboard next to the off ramp, you might be wondering how they can afford the expense. Vinyl manufacturers have studied the costs associated with various advertising methods and found that vehicle graphics cost only $0.48 for every 1,000 impressions. Compare this to a radio ad, which sets you back $7.75 per 1,000 impressions. For a billboard, you might be paying $3.56 for the 1,000 coveted impressions. Can you afford to spend this much on an ad that is here today and gone tomorrow?

Vehicle graphics consist of full wraps, which cover the entirety of your work truck, or partial wraps that cover a large portion. They present your marketing and branding messages with flair. Other options include graphics and lettering packages as well as splash graphics. With so much versatility and room for customization, you can get your message across far more elegantly and succinctly than you could ever hope to pack into a 30-second radio commercial.

2. Build Name and Product Recognition contractor truck graphics in Palm Beach County Fl

There is the adage that “repetition is the mother of all learning.” Within advertising, this is true. Although a customer may marvel at your truck’s graphics package the first couple of times s/he sees it, it may take additional displays for the tagline to become firmly lodged in the memory. Combining the right graphics and lettering combinations is, therefore, a crucial element of the setup. We take a two-pronged approach to ensure success.

  • Client consultation. We work with you to define your message. What do you want to take center stage? It may be your company’s name if you are new to the trade, or a particular product.
  • Layout design. Our graphic artists use element sizing, shadowing of certain areas, and the arrangement of the design to maneuver the eye to the message you wish to emphasize. If you are building name recognition, this will be the spelled out display of your firm’s name with its accompanying logo. For product awareness, we highlight the item you use or sell.

3. Marketing and Branding Details Complete Contractor Truck Graphics in Palm Beach County Fl contractor truck graphics in Palm Beach County Fl

We ensure that each setup is rich in details that capture the eye. Studies have proven that customers remember the messages they see displayed on treated vehicles. By including branding details such as your company’s colors and tagline, you succeed in presenting your business as a serious contender in your niche whose information customers remember. Contact us today to find out how to get started on your graphics package’s design.

 contractor truck graphics in Palm Beach County Fl

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