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24 Mar 2017

3D Letter and Logo Wall Signs in Wellington FL Brand Equine Vet

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You find Equine Services Ltd at 4751 South Road in Wellington FL. Doctors of veterinary medicine Haynes Stevens and B. Williamson look after the needs of your horses. When the clinic’s exterior needed some 3D letter and logo wall signs in Wellington FL, to brand the location, the facility’s management team contacted our experts for assistance. We consulted with our clients and put together dimensional letters that spell out the proprietors’ names.

Our technicians adapted the color scheme of the lettering to be in perfect harmony with the trim of the right monument wall to which we mounted them. On the left wall portion, we installed the Equine Services logo. It matches the coloring of the barrier’s trim in part while standing out with a gold-colored stylized horse head display as well. When you take in both wall portions, you notice the effect that harmonizing color plays bring to a setting. At the same time, you cannot help but take in the brand message of the business.

Why Choose 3D Letters?

3D Letter and Logo Wall Signs in Wellington FL

The appearance of three-dimensional style elements catches the eye. When you want to attract attention, 3D images are one surefire way of doing so. Because they – quite literally – stand out from the substrate, these products have the potential of further capitalizing from their design by enhancing the shadow play on the wall surface. Business owners routinely commission 3D signage as building markers, as facings for monument signs, and frequently also for post and panel signs.

What are the Options?

Which material ideally bespeaks your brand message?

  • Metal. Aluminum is a favorite because of its durability that nevertheless allows for the presentation of robust but lightweight lettering. Other material choices include stainless steel, bronze, and brass.
  • Acrylic. If you like the idea of colorful displays, acrylic is a great material to consider. We can paint it in any standard or custom color you like. Doing so allows the tones to fit in perfectly with your interior and exterior marketing messages. This material makes it easy to brand the exterior with a building sign, which you can then display – as a scaled down version – on the interior as a lobby marker.
  • Foam. When you like to go for the gusto, foam is the ideal solution. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it allows you to display the most dramatic presentations. With depths of up to three inches, these constructions cast formidable shadows on a façade, which emphasizes the 3D aspect of the look. Our technicians can paint the foam or install imprinted vinyl overlays for a colorful and patterned look. When you like a different appearance, we recommend the installation of acrylic or metal laminates to the letters’ fronts.

Do You Need 3D Letter and Logo Wall Signs in Wellington FL?3D Letter and Logo Wall Signs in Wellington FL

Whether you operate a veterinary clinic, a restaurant, a retail establishment or an office, you just cannot make do without signage that identifies your venue and assists with branding the company. Although you have a broad range of available sign alternatives, the presentation of three-dimensional letters and logo displays is a favorite in the local business community. Contact us today to find out more!

3D Letter and Logo Wall Signs in Wellington FL

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