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25 Jul 2016

It’s Our Annual Summer Signage Sale in West Palm Beach!

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Are you an entrepreneur with a tight budget who is trying to find the funds for building signs? Have you been thinking of replacing your outdated sign with new channel letters? Does the cost of the product hold you back from picking up the phone and scheduling a design consultation? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you need to take advantage of our summer signage sales in West Palm Beach FL!

The Who, What, Where, When and How of the Stellar Signs & Graphics Summer Signage Sale

summer signage sales in West Palm Beach FLGet 10 percent off your sign when you mention code SS2016 to our specialists between July 1 and August 31, 2016. We save you money on a single line item with a cap of three separate orders. Whether you have had your eyes on channel letters, a new monument sign for the landscape, high-resolution prints on canvas, or ADA signage that brings your business into compliance, you now have the chance of buying these products at a remarkable discount. Needless to say, you still get out excellent service along the way. We handle the permitting process for outdoor signs, ensure compliant installation of ADA markers, and provide you with the top-notch design expertise of our graphic artists.

Can You Afford to Miss the Sign Sale?

The International Sign Association (ISA) understands the crucial nature of advertising with the right products. Evaluating studies featuring the responses of actual customers, the experts found out that there is simply no substitute for signage.

  • On-site signs bring in half your customers. Asking shoppers the “how did you learn about us” question that you see on so many questionnaires, the responses showed that 50 percent visited a place of business because of the signs displayed on the building. Interestingly, radio and TV ads only contributed 1 percent each to the introduction of a company to the consumer.
  • Multiple signs increase revenue. Adding a monument sign has allowed a fast food restaurant to increase its revenues by 9.3 percent. A larger pole sign resulted in a 15.6 percent increase. For a retailer, the addition of two directional signs increases revenues by 8.9 percent.
  • Higher return on investment. Evaluating the effectiveness of your signage calls for the cost-per-impression technique. This approach allows you to break down how much it costs for 1,000 consumers to see your advertising message. In a hypothetical street scene setting, industry insiders determined that a typical building sign costs you 11 cents per 1,000 impressions. If you spend the money on newspaper advertising instead of a building sign, the cost of 1,000 impressions jumps to $1.57. Television would charge $6.60. It is clear that building signs offer you the best return on investment.

Do Not Miss Out!

Our summer signage sales in West Palm Beach FL, will not last. At the end of August, you no longer have the chance to take advantage of getting 10 percent off. Sure, we run specials every so often – but frequently they are on specific products. This offer opens the door to a broad range of signage solutions. Contact us today to find out more and to schedule your design consultation.

summer signage sales in West Palm Beach FL

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