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7 Sep 2016

Aqua Soft Water’s New Box Truck Wraps in Royal Palm Beach Advertise 24/7!

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box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FLLocated at 220 Business Park Way, Aqua Soft Water Systems is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1972. The firm specializes in drinking water systems, commercial water treatments, well drilling, and water softeners that change the quality of the water you enjoy in the home. When the company’s management team decided to increase the visibility of its brand, its representative contacted the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FL.

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Marketing

box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FLPulling up in front of a customer’s home with a work vehicle that does not advertise your business is a missed opportunity. Not only does the majority of consumers recall wrapped and graphics treated cars, but this demographic also forms a positive impression of the company even if it has never personally interacted with the brand.

Aqua Soft Water Systems had a white box truck that is ideal for hauling supplies, products, and delivery items. But, other than a lettering setup on the doors, it said nothing about the business. During our consultation with the client, our graphic artists made it their mission to change this look.
box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FLAfter creating proofs that the customer signed off on, we put together a wrap for the sides that features a water and wave graphic showing happy customers, a pet dog, and beach imagery. This graphic sits at the center of the wrap. To the left, we presented co-branded information featuring a water systems supplier. On this side, our visual artists also placed a niche explanation that transitions into a brand message. To the right, we repeated the company’s name and logo, phone numbers for the service territories, and a tagline. Tying both sides together is easy with the presentation of the company’s website address at the bottom.

The back of the truck features a wrap that repeats the website address, co-branding information, company name and logo, and the phone numbers with the service territory designation. However, the back is also a good space for an additional marketing message. In this setting, we introduced the free water test offer and a longer services and products menu.

Making the Technology Work for You

box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FLThere is little doubt that mobile marketing is the most efficient way to catch the attention of consumers away from a storefront or office. Unlike billboards, which are anchored in place, you decide where you present your information. Our client now has the potential of reaching a demographic of prospective customers that consists of neighbors but also those just driving down the road while the vehicle is en route to an appointment. Since these clients live in various locations, the field of brand influence is naturally wider.

If we have inspired you to think through the purchase of box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FL, contact our graphic artists today to talk through your marketing needs. We work with you to put together a graphics package that uniquely identifies the company and its brand. If you call us right now, we can schedule your design consultation right away.

box truck wraps in Royal Palm Beach FL

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