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17 Jun 2016

Art Cellar Brands with Partial Vehicle Wraps in Wellington!

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Frequent visitors to our blog already know about the Art Cellar. We have built a professional relationship with this company since it contacted us last year to create spinner signs that advertise its location and niche. Just recently, the business’ owner contacted us once more. This time, she wanted to commission the installation of partial vehicle wraps in Wellington FL.

Adjusting Graphics and Installing a Partial Vehicle Wrap

partial vehicle wraps in Wellington FL

When we met with the client, she showed us the wrap design her graphic artist put together. It is a stunning work of art and expertly highlights all the high points of her business. Our client decided to commission the product as a three-quarter wrap that would cover plenty of space on the company’s van.

We took the design, tweaked it just a little to ensure a proper fit for the vehicle, printed it onto vinyl and then installed it. The finished product dresses up the van with the business’ name, website address, contact information and a menu of services. You find this data amidst splashes of colors. The product is ideally suited to market and brand for the Art Cellar.

Why Order Partial Vehicle Wraps?

Although the full wrap has long since been acknowledged as the gold standard in vehicle graphics design, partial wraps can be just as effective.

  • Colorful. Splashes of color attract attention. A partial wrap allows for the integration of rich style elements that draw the eye.
  • Adjustable. Opt for a quarter, half or three-quarter wrap. Each presents its own advantages. Of course, the less vinyl you use for your display, the more of the heavy lifting your vehicle’s paint job must do. In other words, opt for the minimal design only if your car’s color stands out and already attracts a good bit of attention.
  • Informative. Just like a full wrap, a partial setup presents the consumer with the must-know information that includes your business’ name, logo and how to get in touch with you. Some clients like to add on social media icons and a QR (quick response) code to encourage online interactions.

Designing a Wrap

While the Art Cellar came to us with a wrap design already put together, you do not have to enlist the assistance of an outside graphic artist to follow suit. In fact, our graphic artists use the latest software suites to present you with an eye-popping, stylish design that is sure to attract attention. We work with you on the use of colors, the integration of lettering and the selection of style elements that bespeak your niche. In some cases, our clients come to us with some artwork already on file, which we then integrate into the wrap’s design.

When you are ready to stand out with one of our partial vehicle wraps in Wellington, FL, contact our experts for assistance. We set up a design consultation that allows us to measure your car, truck or van, make note of any after-market parts that you may wish to integrate into the design, and present you with several style options that determine the finished look of the product. Contact us today to get started on your project.

partial vehicle wraps in Wellington FL

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