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16 Sep 2016

Atlantis Orthopaedics Brands with Building Sign and Window Graphics in Lake Worth FL

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Located at 130 JFK Drive in Suite 201, the Lake Worth office of Atlantis Orthopaedics assists patients with physical therapy, sports medicine needs, and orthopedic surgery. When the company outfitted its office with a building sign and window graphics in Lake Worth FL, its management team contacted our specialists for assistance.

Creating a Marketing and Branding Sign Combination

building sign and window graphics in Lake Worth FLThe building sign features a metal substrate that combines its sturdy material with an attractive imprint. It outlines the company’s name and logo in large style elements while the names of the professionals working out of this location present with a smaller font. This building sign received top billing among the other markers that were already installed on the façade.

In a classic marketing one-two punch, we placed full-color and white vinyl window graphics on the glass door. Our technicians added a UV laminate that helps the colors to keep looking great even after prolonged sun exposure. The information that patients now see is a repetition of the clinic’s branding as well as the physicians’ names in larger print.

Understanding the One-Two Advertising Punch

building sign and window graphics in Lake Worth FLOur graphic artists are firm believers in the effectiveness of multiple signage components on a company’s property. Embracing this one-two punch approach, the medical professionals at Atlantis Orthopaedics selected a building sign and window graphics. That said, there are other combinations as well.

  • Channel letters and banners. Channel letters attract the eye because of the illumination that the signage can bring to a building’s front. When you combine a lit sign with a banner that you would display in a window or above an entrance, you succeed in piquing the consumer’s curiosity to learn more about a particular promotion or deal the business might advertise.
  • Box cabinet and window wraps. A box cabinet frequently presents more information than just a company’s name and logo. That said, some clients have had enormous success by expanding on the information that the facing shows off by wrapping one or more window panes with perforated vinyl panels. Use this opportunity to show off images of products, customers using the items, or written messages that combine information with co-branded logos. For example, a medical office might commission a wrap that outlines the insurance companies the physicians accept, which we can then display with their logos.
  • Dimensional letters and A-frame or menu board signage. For the storefront or service provider who selects dimensional letters, the A-frame ensures that traffic in front of the venue slows down enough for consumers to read the marker. Another excellent signage option is the addition of a menu board that spells out different services or products the company offers.

Buying a Building Sign and Window Graphics in Lake Worth FL

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your signage needs for a new location or one where you want to upgrade the exterior markers. Take a page from the playbook of Atlantis Orthopaedics and combine window graphics with a building sign panel or opt for a different combination altogether. Contact us today to get started on your project!

building sign and window graphics in Lake Worth FL

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