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7 Mar 2016

Bus Wraps in Boca Raton Promote Onsite Orthopedic Care

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Promotional Bus Wraps Boca Raton FL

Located at 944 Jeffery Street, Athletic Training Wheels operates a mobile orthopedic clinic. Certified professionals bring the treatment facility to where there is a need for the medical care. This service makes them popular with country clubs, sports teams, athletic event operators and venues where active individuals could benefit from orthopedic treatments that do not require an appointment at an offsite clinic. To heighten awareness of the service’s availability, the company’s management team contacted Stellar Signs & Graphics to design, manufacture and install a bus wrap for the mobile orthopedic clinic.

Promotional Bus Wraps in Boca Raton, FL

Best Bus Wraps in Boca Raton FL

Installing a bus wrap is no small feat. These designs must feature graphics of the highest quality so that the increase in display size does not hurt the look of the finished product. That said, these types of designs pay off. Their marketing messages are larger than life, stand out, and catch the eyes of countless passersby and motorists. When parked at busy athletic venues, this bus is sure to get the attention of anyone who sees it.

Bus Graphics Boca Raton FL

We used about 800 square feet of wrap material, which we installed over the course of three and a half windy days. The added challenge was the fact that this bus had many curves that needed special treatments. Could we do it? Of course! The sides now show off the company’s name and phone number, a niche explanation, and a menu of available services. Images show patients receiving treatments. The back repeats the company’s name and contact information as well as the invitation to sponsor an advertising spot. The front, too, received a bit of a makeover. It now displays the company’s name where you would usually find out the destination of the bus.

Vehicle Wraps Make Sense

Bus and Trailer Wraps Boca Raton FL

Mobile marketing is a huge advantage for any business. You take a marketing message to the areas where you know that your targeted demographic lives, works, and plays. In this case, the company actually displays its advertising at the very locations where it treats patients. An excellent form of marketing, the presentation of this bus wrap does more than just generate name recognition and create brand awareness; it also provides a heightened sense of credibility. By highlighting that the treating experts are board-certified and licensed professionals, it is clear from the onset that this is a medical treatment center staffed by experts. Instilling confidence in the brand is a crucial step for any medical business.

Thinking Through Your Next Wrap Design

Whether you need bus wraps for Boca Raton, FL, mobile clinics or you are thinking of adding a wrap to your contracting business’ truck, discuss your design needs and ideas with our specialists. We work with you to create the right design that brings out the marketing and branding messages you want your prospective clients or customers to see. We routinely work with business owners, management teams or fleet operators. In addition to designing and installing wraps, we also handle vehicle graphics and lettering packages. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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