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18 Jul 2016

Channel Letters in Wellington FL Shine at New Location for Subzero Cryotherapy

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Calling it “the coolest way to recover,” Subzero Cryotherapy is outfitting its spa at 10120 Forest Hill Road. Whereas in the past, these brief exposures to extreme cold were only available to athletes, the company believes that everyone can benefit from the treatment. In addition to supporting sports recovery, experts at Subzero Cryotherapy also endorse this treatment for weight loss, skin improvements, better sleep, and other health benefits. When the company needed channel letters in Wellington FL, its management team contacted our signage specialists for assistance.

Branding, Advertising, and Wayfinding with Channel Letters

channel letters in Wellington FLChannel letters have the advantage of transforming the façade of your business into an advertisement for your company. After consulting with our client, we created a product that features the round logo to the left while displaying the Subzero name with gradient color change perfectly centered above the entryway. Our technicians mounted the letters flush to the wall for an impressive presentation. The letters’ appearance, coupled with the logo, provides the branding while the highly visible setup acts as a wayfinding tool. Advertising the business is a snap with this sign in place.

Installing the Letters on a Variety of Wall Surfaces

channel letters in Wellington FLWhen discussing the use of these building signs with some of our clients, they occasionally worry about the makeup of their facades. This is especially so when dealing with tenants whose building owners do not like the idea of mounting multiple letters with three to four drill holes each. This is not a problem.

If the flush mount method is not feasible because of the wall’s setup or because a lease agreement denies you the opportunity to do so, we can attach the sign components to a raceway that we then install to the wall. This approach calls for far fewer drill holes and allows for an attractive presentation nonetheless. We paint the raceway to be a perfect color match for the façade, which almost makes it disappear into the background.

Another installation technique is the panel mount. In this setup, we attach your channel letters to a panel that creates an attractive visual counterpoint to the building’s front. Then, we mount the panel to the wall, which makes your lettering display look more like a work of art than merely a sign. For backlit lettering, which requires a space between the letter and the substrate, we can use two-inch standoffs to achieve the halo effect.

Buying Channel Letters in Wellington FL

If we have convinced you to give the versatile channel letter another look, contact our graphic artists to schedule a design consultation. At that time, we gladly visit your location to take measurements, confirm the wall’s overall condition, and get a good idea of the speed with which traffic drives past your business. The latter is instrumental when deciding on the right size for your lettering.

Now is also the time to discuss your lighting preference. Although this product is available without illumination, only a few of our clients choose unlit channel letters. The majority opt for either front-lit or backlit lettering to stand out after dark. Contact us today to invite our technicians out to your property.

channel letters in Wellington FL

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