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28 Sep 2015

Check Out This Sign Spinner Video for the Art Cellar!

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Located at 10660 Forest Hill Boulevard, the Art Cellar is a wine bar that encourages its patrons to create masterpieces with art supplies that the company keeps on hand. Then again, perhaps it is an art studio that serves wine, too. Individuals, groups and parties like the relaxed atmosphere and the helpful instructors who guide even the novice through the steps of creating art. When the Art Cellar wanted to draw attention to its location, its management staff contacted the signage pros at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Spinner Signs for Wellington, FL

Nothing attracts attention like movement as you can see if the sign spinner video above. When you combine the movement with bold colors, you have a recipe for success. After meeting with the company’s management team, we designed a product in the shape of a palette. It mentions the Art Cellar and features an attached arrow. Writing on the sign advertises that this venue offers painting and crafting for adults and children. A website address rounds out the design. Once the product is attached to a stick, it is easy for a brand ambassador to spin the sign without tiring.

The Art and Science of Sign Spinning

You have undoubtedly seen the folks who are spinning signs at street corners or in front of storefronts in mall parking lots. Usually, the signs are fairly plain. Before long, the sign spinner gets tired and the product is set aside while the employee takes a break. With our design, this is not the case. We have perfected the art and science of sign spinning to make the process easy on the employee who is doing the work. At the same time, the sign is colorful, features a company’s font and colors, and attracts attention because of the incorporation of whimsical designs. Standing out from the crowd is easy to do with this product.

Ready to Use When You Want

The advantage of a spinning sign is clear. When business is slow, send out an employee to spin the sign. You make good use of the workers who are currently in your venue while you enhance your odds at reeling in foot traffic. When you are busy, there is no need to send out a sign spinner. Moreover, you do not need a permit for the product since it does not install to your storefront. You control this temporary product. This is the type of versatility that supports your business model and makes sense.

Ordering Your Sign Today

Contact our professionals to set up a client consultation. We have created these types of products for a broad range of niches. Our experience is your advantage when we discuss the look, size and shape of the proposed product. We create sketches that allow you to take in the finished look the way that the customer would see it. Only when you are completely satisfied will we move on to the manufacturing stage.

Next, you just need to dedicate sign spinners for Wellington, FL, business locations or for other branches. When you want to attract attention for multiple storefronts, we recommend keeping the signs looking identical, which greatly enhances name recognition and brand awareness. Call us today to get started.

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