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18 Dec 2015

Custom ADA Plaques and Signs for The Club at Ibis

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The trick to the manufacture of the ideal custom ADA signs in West Palm Beach, FL, is the display of a marker that perfectly integrates into the overall décor of the setting. Case in point is the work that our graphic artists did for the Ibis Golf and Country Club. This upscale venue recently underwent an extensive renovation. Hand in hand with this type of project is the installation of new signage that conforms to the latest requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA Braille Signs West Palm Beach FL

For this venue, we used standard Rowmark materials that display the information. Each product features standard ADA Grade II Braille with a raised copy of 1/32-inches. The font is Century Gothic in black that contrasts perfectly against the backdrop. The body of the signs displays brushed silver metal with white edges. Aluminum caps allow for safe mounting at the heights spelled out by the law.

Why Customization is the Way to Go

Custom ADA Signs West Palm Beach FL

You could go out and purchase ADA-compliant signs from the local big box office supply store. The problem with these markers is the generic look. Rather than blending in with your interior décor and attractively underscoring the color scheme and textures used, these markers frequently represent a visual jolt. Although you still have to adhere to the letter of the law, it is frequently possible to do so with your company’s colors or the hues that you chose for the interior décor of the location.

ADA Plaques West Palm Beach FL

In the case of The Club at Ibis, the contrast is achieved entirely between the dark font print and the silver surface. For your company, there may be other colors that work better. As long as the signage meets the legally stipulated contrast, any color choice is possible. Our experts can work with you to determine whether the colors you prefer do fulfill this requirement. Customization is also an excellent opportunity to highlight a rebranding. Whenever you update a font or color selection, it makes sense to update your signage as quickly as possible to support the new look.

Do I Need ADA Signs?

ADA Compliant Signs West Palm Beach FL

Some smaller businesses do not necessarily have to follow the ADA guidelines. That said, please remember that it is always a good idea to display directional signs that serve sighted as well as visually-impaired guests, clients or customers. Doing so positions your brand as one that expressly cares about the consumer. This type of goodwill is hard to measure in dollars and cents, although it is fair to say that it leaves shoppers with a good impression of your company.

Ordering Custom ADA Plaques for West Palm Beach, FL

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your ADA signage order. Whenever you need directional markers that point the way to the business office, cafeteria or restrooms, these products do not have to look generic or be little more than functional additions to your walls. Instead, they can become integral players in your interior décor. When you discuss your product needs with our experts, we ensure that each sign meets the legal requirements. If needed, we can suggest changes to your design plans that do not compromise the functionality of the sign or its ability to harmonize with your color scheme. Contact us today to get started.

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