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11 Jul 2016

Custom Building Awnings in West Palm Beach FL

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Storefront, hotel, and restaurant awnings are familiar sights in West Palm Beach. Commercial awning products add curb appeal to your setting, underscore your chosen color scheme and help you to stand out from your neighbors. Designed for multi-year usage, these architectural enhancements not only offer your customers a bit of respite from the sun or illumination after dark, but they are also excellent branding and marketing tools.

The Various Types of Building Awnings in West Palm Beach FL

building awnings in West Palm Beach FLThe product type you select must enhance the features of your façade. While you may like a product, which you have seen installed somewhere else, the makeup of your building’s façade determines whether it would be a good match.

  • Dome. The dome is a common model that is suitable for installation above a window. It features tall sides and displays in a half circle. Most domes are not fully functional in shielding customers from the elements. An elongated dome may be suitable for windows with an entrance door.
  • Entrance. These awnings may present with a steeple or round top. They offer a cover from the curb to the entrance door. You commonly see these in front of restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Straight or concave slopes. This awning setup provides a small display location in the front and along the sides. Depending on the design, your truss may be larger or smaller.
  • Convex or quarter barrel slope. In this setting, you have the entirety of the awning for a commercial display.

Adding Your Advertising Information

building awnings in West Palm Beach FLChoose a color that corresponds with your company’s chosen tones. If this is impractical, opt for a neutral color that complements the hues of your building’s façade. When you pick a domed or convex awning, you have plenty of display space for your company’s name and logo. Capitalize on the limited presentation space of straight awnings by showing off a large-size logo on the sloping portion and targeted marketing information around the truss. In some cases, you may also present a niche explanation there.

Common Awning Mistakes

building awnings in West Palm Beach FLShowing off printed building awnings in West Palm Beach FL, is an excellent step for the image-conscious business owner. But there are some possible missteps along the way.

  • Unsuitable material choice. Although quite a few of these products come with fabric displays, there are other options, too. Your branding message may be better served with an aluminum or vinyl presentation than with a fabric look. Examples might include businesses in the technology sector or one-off boutiques.
  • Missing space utilization. If your awning juts out a bit, why not present consumers with a few seating options? Even just a couple of benches will cause customers to linger in front of your business and perhaps take in some of the window displays you feature.
  • Disrepair. Like any other sign, awnings and their imprinted messages gradually deteriorate. The exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and weather, in general, causes slight discolorations and may also result in some tears. Regular cleaning and maintenance services are imperative.

Whether you need custom building awnings, or want to have your existing products refurbished, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

building awnings in West Palm Beach FL

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