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25 Jan 2016

Custom Dimensional Letter Door Entry Sign for Lake Point Restoration

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Located at 25818 SW Kanner Highway, Lake Point Restoration is a mine operation that produces a variety of rock and sand products. In the course of doing business, the company’s representatives routinely meet with professionals from the Army Corp of Engineers as well as government contractors in charge of road improvements. To make wayfinding a snap and create an attractive branding display, the company’s management team decided to commission a dimensional letter door entry sign.

Dimensional Letter Door Entry Signs for Port Mayaca FL, Companies

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After consulting with the client, we designed, manufactured and installed a dimensional letter display. It consists of ¾-inch acrylic letters that we painted a brilliant gold. Next, we laminated the letters with light brass. To create the “O,” we cut out the logo image from the same material but used a full-color UV print to present the intricate display. Finally, our technicians mounted the letters above the door onto the lintel surface. Perfectly centered, they look dignified and in keeping with the building’s overall atmosphere. Wayfinding is now a snap for anyone visiting Lake Point Restoration.

Appreciating the Versatility of Lettering

Letters come in a broad range of sizes, materials, and depths. Depending on the manufacturing techniques used, they may even feature built-in illumination. How can you use these versatile signage components in your business?

  • Suite signs. The door sign we designed for Lake Point Restoration is really a modified suite sign. As such, it provides the client with information about the company that is doing business behind an office door. When you prefer your suite sign to be mounted right next to the door, consider a smaller display of letters that we might fit onto an acrylic or metal board.
  • Lobby signage. One of the most important uses for lettering of this kind is the setup on a lobby wall. There, it spells out the name of the business and shows off the company’s logo. Our technicians can mount these letters directly to the wall or use standoffs to highlight a three-dimensional design. When you opt for letters with built-in LEDs, this mounting technique is ideal.
  • Building marker. For an impressive exterior display, consider tall letters that show off your company’s name on the venue’s façade. We mount them with studs to stand up on a ledge, hang suspended from an overhang, or attach directly to the wall.
  • Window displays. When you want to go for the wow factor with your window advertising but are looking for something more substantial than vinyl lettering, consider PVC or foam that we can mount with suction cups. The material is sufficiently lightweight to function well in this setting.

Discussing Your Sign Order with the Experts

If we have inspired you to rethink your image of entry door signs for construction firms in Port Mayaca, FL, building signs for companies in nearby locations or any other type of signage product in our service area, contact our experts. We work with you to create a memorable look using letters that perfectly suit your company, niche, and brand. Call us today to get started.

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