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22 Feb 2016

Defining Channel Letter Signs for Palm Beach County FL

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Channel Letter Signs Palm Beach County FLOne cannot cannot help but notice there are plenty of illuminated channel letter signs for Palm Beach County, FL. You see them on storefronts, above restaurants, and on monument signs. When you look closely, you notice that they do not all look alike. In fact, you have four options open to you when considering the addition of a channel letter setup. Here is some information on how to define the differences.

Front Lit Channel Letters are the Most Popular Option

The majority of channel letter signs follow the front lit concept. The body of the letter consists of aluminum, which is sturdy but lightweight. The front features an acrylic or polycarbonate face. Usually, this facing displays the company’s colors. During the day, the sign presents with this color. After dark, LEDs installed inside the letters’ bodies enhance the presentation of the colorful front. Our technicians usually mount this type of sign to a raceway, flush to the wall, or to a board that we then install on the facade.

Back Lit Letters Reverse the Illumination Process

Illuminated Channel Letters Palm Beach County FLWhen you turn around this technology, you will notice that the fronts of the letters are closed off with aluminum, which our technicians paint in the company’s colors. The backs feature clear polycarbonate covers. The LEDs are once again hidden inside the bodies of the letters. We install these letters with standoffs. During the day, you notice the colorful fronts. After dark, the sign is bathed in a halo of illumination. It gives off a sophisticated appearance.

Front and Back Lit Lettering Offers You the Best of Both Worlds

When you like the idea of combining both appearances, consider the installation of a combination marker. Once again, the front features colorful acrylic while the back has a clear cover. Standing off from the wall, the sign lights up after dark. The illumination enhances the visibility of the front. At the same time, the halo effect makes this signage solution stand out even more.

Open Face Designs Remind of Neon Signage

Channel Letters Palm Beach County FLDo you remember the neon signs that would identify diners, movie theaters, and other businesses during the heyday of this illumination option? If you are feeling nostalgic or would like to stand out from the crowd even more, then this might be the right signage solution for your company. When you like to go this route with your channel letters, we create aluminum letter bodies with a back. Next, we install neon illumination to trace the shape of the letter. The transformer gets attached, too. We connect the product with a raceway. Once lit, you bring an avant-garde look and feel to your company’s storefront.

By the way, did you know that you also have the option of commission non-lit channel letter signs in Palm Beach County, FL? When your façade comes with built-in illumination, or you do not need the LEDs for any other reason, you can still benefit from your company’s prominent font display simply but omitting the light sources. Contact our graphic artists for more information and to start your design today.

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