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4 Apr 2016

Dental Designs Rebrands with 3D Illuminated Lobby Sign in Naples FL

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Located at 5048 Tamiami Trail North, Dental Designs used to do business under the name Dental Expressions. Before the rebranding, the company worked with the experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics to create an eye-catching lobby sign. The company loved it so much that they contacted us after the rebranding to have us design and manufacture a new one for the waiting room.

Rebranding Lobby Signs for Dentists in Naples, FL

3D Illuminated Lobby Signs in Naples FL

Like other brands that appeal to multiple demographics, this one needed a bit of tweaking. Businesses usually undertake this process as they notice a shift in the likes and dislikes of their clientele. This practice ensures that the brand is always relevant and does not get pushed aside when new enterprises open up in the same niche. Just like the other signage the company initially commissioned, this lobby sign was to be a three-dimensional, illuminated piece.

We used metal for the design, which opens up to acrylic-covered lettering. Behind the acrylic, we installed LEDs that let the company’s colors of orange and blue shine through. Mounted with standoffs to the wall, this lobby marker is now as much a sign as it is a piece of wall art. In fact, it looks excellent above the row of chairs. The two spotlights that shine brightly above the product do not interfere with the look but instead add a dimension of illumination that underscores the great looks of the presentation.

Lit Lobby Signage is a Hot Trend

Illuminated Lobby Signs Naples FL

Dental Designs is not the only company to take advantage of the eye-grabbing properties that illuminated reception area markers bring to a setting. In addition to adding more light to the waiting room, this signage type adds pizzazz and highlights the tech savvy that a business incorporates into its services. For a dental health care provider, this is an excellent branding message. It is also appropriate for a broad range of other companies that want to underscore the fact that they are on the cutting edge within a niche.

Rebranding is Becoming More Popular

There was a time when only multi-national corporations would undertake rebranding steps. This is no longer the case. Smaller companies, too, now take advantage of the opportunity to relaunch their images and reposition their brands to take advantage of demographic shifts within customer or client bases. Since remaining relevant is an integral element of staying competitive, something as simple as a logo tweak, font change or color upgrade has the power of making a huge difference in the way that consumers perceive your brand.

Discuss Illuminated Lobby Signs or Rebranding Ideas with the Experts

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about the design, manufacture and installation of illuminated logo lobby signs in Naples, FL. Our experts work with you to transform the look and feel of your foyer with this signage product. Also, we gladly work with you to put together a rebranded signage suite that captures the essence of your brand. Contact us today to get started on your project(s).

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