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29 Mar 2016

Dimensional Letters for Mall Retailers in Wellington FL

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Located at 10300 West Forest Hill Boulevard in Suite 236 of the Mall at Wellington Green, Perfect Oil specializes in the sale of essential oils, aroma lamps, body, and fragrance oils. Ideal for gift giving, these products also delight customers who buy them for their own homes to replace artificial scents coming from grocery store spray cans. When the company’s management team needed a building sign for the Wellington mall store, representatives contacted our graphic artists.

Dimensional Letters for Mall Retailers in Wellington, FL

Dimensional letters for Mall Retailers in Wellington FL

After consulting with the client, we designed dimensional letters that perfectly mimic the company’s website display of the business’ name. Doing so gives the company the advantage of enhancing name recognition among consumers. Since shoppers now research even their in-person buys before heading out to the store, it makes sense that both store name displays should be identical. The use of dimensional letters further makes a slender shadow display possible whenever the lighting conditions are just right. This setup, of course, heightens the feeling of recognition when buyers recall the look of the company’s name online.

Are Dimensional Letters Right for Your Location?

More and more business owners commission dimensional letters for their facades. In doing so, they create a powerful sense of recognition among their targeted demographic. This selection also opens the door to a broad range of material options that channel letters or box cabinets do not allow. For example, wood, HDU (high-density urethane), acrylic and metal can significantly emphasize your branding message by creating the right atmosphere before customers ever set foot inside your venue.

Another determining factor is the use of signage at neighboring stores. Within a mall setting, management companies frequently strive to create a sense of continuity by limiting the types of displays that you may choose. If nearby retailers rely on dimensional letters, you have the advantage of fitting in but standing out at the same time. For companies that operate a stand-alone venue, the use of dimensional letters helps to create a brand image that enhances product awareness.

Dressing up the Lettering

Perfect Oil ordered a custom match for the paint. As a result, the signage not only mimics the online display of the company’s name with the font selection but also with the color presentation. While paint is always a good idea, you do have other options, too. For example, when you opt for outdoor-rated foam, you might add acrylic or metal laminates. Another alternative is the use of digitally imprinted vinyl overlays. This latter choice is perfect for companies that feature gradient color changes or subliminal designs on their website displays. By copying the look onto vinyl, we can apply it to the much larger dimensional lettering, which is not something that is possible to achieve – with perfection – when using paint.

If you need dimensional letters for mall retailers in Wellington, FL, or for any storefront, restaurant, or office, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to put together a look that is just right.

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