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28 Dec 2015

Do I Need ADA Signs for My Small Business in West Palm Beach FL?

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ADA Signs for small businesses in West Palm Beach FLADA guidelines for small businesses in West Palm Beach, FL, have always been considered a bit of a maze. What applies to one type of business does not necessarily affect another one. To make more sense out of the rules and regulations that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets forth, the U.S. Department of Justice has released an ADA Update that it terms “A Primer For Small Business.” We have scoured the publication and offer you some highlights that you need to be aware of right now.

Understanding “Public Accommodations”

The law understands the term “public accommodations” to refer to any business that sells products or provides services to consumers. These types of companies fall under the businesses regulated by the Act. Breaking down the term even further, the government separates the companies into 12 categories, which include restaurants, service establishments, shopping malls, health care providers and others. Factories or office buildings that do not directly interact with the public by providing goods or services do not have to change their existing setups unless they undergo new constructions. This directly affects your signage displays.

What are “Reasonable Modifications?”

ADA Compliant Signs for Small Businesses in West Palm Beach FLGovernment authorities mention a clothing store that changes its “one person per dressing room” rule to allow a second person to assist a disabled customer trying on outfits. Frequently, a reasonable modification can be as simple as a change in store policies. It may also require you to change the “no pets” policy to one that reflects permission for service animals to enter. Parts of these reasonable modifications are signage products that clearly state your policies.

Parking Signage for Accessible Spaces

The rules are very clear when it comes to the number of parking spots you have to set aside to be van accessible. If your small business limits its parking spaces to four or fewer, you still have to set aside one accessible space but do not have to post a sign. All other businesses must post a sign in front of the accessible space at a height of five feet. In addition to the international symbol, you also have to notate on the marker whether a space is van accessible.

When Barrier Removal is Not Possible

Small Business ADA Signs in West Palm Beach FLOne of the biggest problems associated with ADA compliance is the physical change of a venue. In some cases, it is impossible to comply with the requirement for a curb removal or lift installation at a staircase that leads to an entrance. The workaround can be as simple as the setup of a specialized service that designates an employee to serve disabled customers at a second entrance, reach-through window, and similar accommodations. Once again, you need adequate signage that clearly communicates how your business is complying with the Act.

Of course, there are many more rules that govern the design and placement of ADA signs for small businesses in West Palm Beach, FL. Whether you need assistance with directional markers, need to add Braille to existing products or want to have our pros conduct an inventory of your current signage with an eye on compliance, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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