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28 Apr 2015

Doctor’s Office Reception Area Sign Welcomes in West Palm Beach

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Located at 1411 North Flagler Drive in Suite 9700, Dr. Carolyn J. Agresti is the physician who serves patients at Ear, Nose and Throat, Inc.| Hearing and Balance, LLC. She is an expert in the treatment of vocal disorders and brings highly rated larynx laser surgery skills to the clinic. When it came time to incorporate her name in the medical office’s reception area sign, the office’s management team contacted the signage experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics for assistance.


Putting Together an Attractive Lobby Sign

The doctor’s office lobby signs West Palm Beach, FL, professionals favor bring high-tech elements and stylish marker design together. This product is no exception. We began with customized flat-cut dimensional shapes for the logo as well as the lettering. They are made of half-inch acrylic and feature a brushed aluminum laminate.

Mounted with three eights of an inch standoff mounts, the logo components stand out for a three-dimensional effect. The lettering identifying her name and company are flat-mounted to the wall, which further enhances the 3D look of the logo. We installed white strip LED lighting behind the individual logo components for a great look with a halo effect.

Anatomy of a Reception Area Marker

The basic lobby sign has three distinct functions.

  1. Marketing. The sign’s look convinces patients that they have come to the right physician for their condition. It inspires confidence due to the material choice and helps to create a comfortable environment with the choice of colors.
  2. Branding. Patients also take in the color and material combination on a deeper level. In this situation, the combination creates feelings of wellbeing, trust and hope. They succeed at appealing to the visitor’s senses.
  3. Decorating. Since this type of product usually receives a spot at the center of the focal wall, it is a major decorative item in the office. In this case, the combination of lit and unlit components beautifully exemplifies what a decorative lobby marker should be all about.

Having Success with Your Signage Product

Have you been considering the addition of a lobby sign? Perhaps you do not need one of our doctor’s office reception area signs. West Palm Beach, FL, service providers, financial sector firms and non-profit organizations as well as retail establishments also need this kind of signage.

We work with all niches to create the types of signs that display your marketing and branding messages. Material choices may include acrylic, foam, PVC, plastic, metal and more exotic selections like bamboo, glass or marble. Your vision determines the right product selection. We welcome the opportunity to undertake a site survey. This process allows us to take measurements and get a good idea of your branding setup.

Next, we consult with you to look over any artwork you already have. If you prefer, we can also design a sign from scratch. Once we get your approval of the sketch that meets your vision perfectly, we manufacture and then install the finished lobby sign. Call us today for more information on this signage product or to discuss your other product needs.

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