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1 Feb 2016

Event Banners for Your Lake Worth FL Affair!

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Located in Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a popular tourist destination that appeals to golfers, hikers, and surfers. The sandbars near the municipal pier are an open secret among diehard enthusiasts who evaluate vacation spots based on the sizes of the waves. Gaming opportunities round out the itineraries of many visitors to this location. Against this backdrop, retailers and service providers compete for business. In addition, local organizations and city leaders conduct festivals and fundraisers in this setting. What they all have in common is the need for the right event banners in Lake Worth, FL.

Hanging Banners Catch the Eye and Position a Brand

Hanging Event Banners Lake Worth FL

The most commonly selected option is the vinyl banner. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, business clients may opt to have their messages added with adhesive vinyl. Doing so offers the advantage of changing out a date or time for future uses. Although digitally printed banners do not provide you with this option, they do present you with vibrant colors that turn heads. In this manner, you position your brand advantageously at a fair, festival or sidewalk sale.

Size and Manufacturing Options for Every Occasion

Grand Opening Event Banners Lake Worth FL

High-resolution imprinted vinyl banners are ideal for sharp color contrasts. If you anticipate a beach display, consider mesh plastic, which allows the wind to pass through the fiber weave. Doing so eliminates the need to cut holes into the material, which can be unsightly at times.

So far, we have discussed hanging banners that you might display above your store’s entryway, between two trees or suspended from two poles. Large format banners are ideal for display on the side of a building or in a crowded auditorium. Opt for glossy vinyl if there is little sun exposure. Matte vinyl does well in areas where direct sunlight exposure would otherwise result in difficulty reading the message. Mesh is ideal for windy conditions. Sizes vary; the usual starting point is six feet by six feet. That said, we can cut the material to your specifications.

Retractable Banner Stands for the Inside

Pull Up Event Banners Lake Worth FL

Digitally imprinted banners for trade shows are well known in and around Lake Worth. They offer sharp visual contrasts, bold colors and present ideal sizing for educating consumers about products or services. Of course, they are also perfect for your local event. Choose this setup as directional signage that combines with your logo and brand information. Double-sided banners are ideal since they allow visitors coming from both directions to take in the information.

Although full-sized retractable banners are the norm, remember that there are also tabletop versions of this product available. Perfect for tabletops, use these signage solutions for volunteer signups, visitor check-ins, and registrations for prizes, games, and freebies. Typical sizes are usually 24 inches by 24 inches or 36 inches in height by 24 inches in width. There are even smaller banners that you might use on product display tables or shelves. They usually measure 16 inches in height by about eight or more inches in diameter.

When you are ready to discuss event banners for Lake Worth, FL, festivities and venues, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We walk you through your options and help you find the right product that suits your needs and your budget.

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