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4 Jan 2016

Examples of Our Favorite Door and Window Graphics!

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Every so often, business owners contact the experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics to discuss beautification projects for their properties. Although they love the open floor plans of today’s offices and the light that the abundance of glass allows to enter into the space, they realize that they are not using their glass doors and windows advantageously. The answer to this quandary is the installation of door and window graphics for West Palm Beach, FL, establishments. What are your options?

Combine a Beautification Project with Privacy Enhancements

Frosted Door Graphics West Palm Beach FL

Health care facilities, financial services providers, and similar businesses now share the use of contemporary floor plans with other office occupants. For these companies, however, privacy is a must. Even in other settings, privacy is a concern. For example, if your executive’s office is located near the copier and a steady stream of employees walks past the glass partitions each day, getting work done without interruptions is difficult.

We propose the use of etched vinyl shapes. Our experts recently installed etched vinyl rectangles on a glass barn-door-style opening, which now makes it almost impossible to see into the room it closes off. At the same time, the product allows the light to enter the office for natural illumination.

Display Your Brand

Etched Vinyl Door and Window Graphics West Palm Beach FL

Etched vinyl is also instrumental in displaying your branding information on the glass surfaces of your room. When we used it to show off a business logo on an office door set, it made it easy for visiting clients to know right away that they had come to the right location. Combine the logo display with lettering that spells out your company’s name or simply rely on the popular image to do all the talking for you.

Breathe New Life into a Space with Artistic Vinyl Renderings

Vinyl Door and Window Graphics West Palm Beach FL

When we worked with a home health care agency on a new look, we designed, manufactured and installed etched vinyl sheets that featured cutouts in the shapes of a palm-studded beach at sunset. The symmetrical display of the image on each glass door panel makes the look pop. It instantly gives the venue a new attitude. Moreover, it sets the tone for a pleasant experience. Also, as you might expect, the etched vinyl offers once again some privacy to visitors.

Discussing Your Etched Vinyl Product Needs

Are you inspired by these examples of door and window graphics in West Palm Beach, FL? Contact our graphic artists to find out how we can transform your space’s current atmosphere with little more than the strategic placement of vinyl window graphics and lettering. If standard etched vinyl is not really what you had in mind, consider that there are other products, too. The vinyl comes in a myriad of colors, which is great news for the forward-thinking business owner who wants to incorporate the use of the company’s colors in any beautification project.

Contact us today to discuss the scope of your project and to invite us out for a site survey. We look forward to presenting you with sketches that show how the use of this product can make a difference in your setting.

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