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2 Nov 2015

Exterior and Interior Dimensional Letters for Kowerk Executive Suites!

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Located at 801 Northpoint Parkway, Kowerk Executive Suites is your solution for a temporary office need. Whether you are an independent contractor, an entrepreneur on the cusp of making it big or a professional in need of an impressive conference room – for about half an hour – this space makes it happen.

Exterior Dimensional Letters West Palm Beach FL

Ninety executive suites are for lease. For the use of a co-working space, there are 4,000 square feet available. Meeting rooms feature wireless Internet, LCD screens and lunch catering. When Kowerk Executive Suites needed exterior as well as interior signs that would match its unique business model, the company’s management team contacted the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Dimensional Letter Signs for West Palm Beach, FL, Companies

We discussed the use of exterior and interior dimensional letters with the company’s management staff. The advantage of this approach is the accurate display of lettering and logo style elements that may come in a variety of fonts and sizes. Clearly, Kowerk is the ideal candidate for this treatment. On the exterior, we spelled out the company’s name, displayed its colorful logo and added the tagline, “where work feels like play.”

Interior Dimensional Letters West Palm Beach FL

On the interior, the display functions alternatively as a discreet backdrop sign and a lobby marker. It perfectly suits the color scheme of the walls. Dimensional lettering makes it possible to arrange the letters and logo elements in such a manner that they take up the ideal amount of space on the wall. At the same time, you have the power to avoid an overwhelming presentation. When you display your signage on a variety of walls, this is a great bit of flexibility to have.

Understanding the Dimensional Letter Advantage

Signs for Executive Suites in West Palm Beach FL

In addition to the spacing flexibility, you also have the added advantage of choosing a material that uniquely suits your branding message or niche. The most commonly chosen materials include metal, foam or acrylic.

  • Metal. Aluminum is a favorite material from the metal family. Other options include brass, stainless steel or bronze. A cast display adds a bit of dimension to the look while a die-cut appearance presents with crisp edges and a flat appearance that fits perfectly against the wall.
  • Foam. When a dramatic look is something you have been thinking of introducing into your space, foam allows you to take advantage of a heightened three-dimensional effect. Letters can stand out up to four inches. When paired with a spotlight or other illumination option, you also create a play of light and shadows.
  • Acrylic. The ability to layer different acrylic shapes and letters has endeared this material choice to a broad range of business owners. You notice this type of signage in car dealerships, executive suites and physicians’ offices.

Commissioning Your Signage Solution

When you are ready to take advantage of dimensional letter signs for executive suites in West Palm Beach, FL, or for any other type of business setting, our graphic artists can help. Contact our professionals today to learn more about your material options and to discuss your vision for the finished product. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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