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19 Nov 2015

Dina’s Hair Studio Stands Out with New Exterior Sign in West Palm Beach!

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Located at 7477 Riverwalk Circle, Dina’s Hair Studio is your go-to location for a haircut, an appointment with a master colorist, help with an updo or a keratin treatment. Another service option includes a nail technician who handles acrylics, gels and a host of specialty techniques that leave nails looking gorgeous. When this business needed outdoor signage, its management team contacted the pros at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Using HDU Panel Technology to its Fullest Advantage

Exterior Signs for Beauty Salons in West Palm Beach FL

High-density urethane (HDU) is a material that is not only long lasting but also great looking. In the signage trade, we routinely use it as the base of exterior signs. For beauty salons in West Palm Beach, FL, signage longevity needs to combine with a look that is in keeping with the salon’s overall atmosphere.

For Dina’s Hair Studio, we painted the sign black with a white frame. The panel hints at an old-world appearance but presents predominantly with a sleek look. The name and tagline display in white. The attractive shape of the panel catches the eye of passersby and makes way-finding a snap for anyone arriving for a hair appointment.

HDU Also Supports Other Manufacturing Styles

Our technicians also use HDU to make sandblasted or routed signs. Sturdier than wood, these signs do not fall victim to insect damage or rot. In addition, they allow for a display that reminds of the old vendor shingles that used to line German streets in the 18th century. Attached directly to the wall, they greet the consumer as she or he enters. Attached with a decorative shingle holder perpendicular to the wall, they market and brand the business to passersby or motorists coming from both directions.

Sandblasted signage is a favorite of venues doing business in historic parts of town. Those operating bed and breakfast locations, bait and tackle shops, and specialty gift store owners also commonly select it. This signage is furthermore useful for seasonal applications. Use routed HDU signage to point toward your specialty departments. By going with an old-world feel, you have the opportunity to support any holiday décor that you are displaying this season. Since the material is sturdy but lightweight, you can re-use it and easily store it as needed.

Commissioning the Right Exterior Sign in West Palm Beach, FL

While the HDU panel is ideal for Dina’s Hair Studio, other settings could call for a different display. For example, if you are the type of business that caters to a hip avant-garde clientele that delights in more unusual cuts, the design and installation of an open neon sign may be a better option. Other products include channel letters, box cabinets and dimensional letters.

When you are ready to add new signage to your hair salon or any other type of business, contact our graphic artists to learn more about the different building markers you might choose from. We work with you to find an ideal display that brands your venue while advertising its presence. Call us today to get started.

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