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7 Jul 2016

Exterior Signs for Construction Companies in West Palm Beach Are Here!

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The Simmons & Sons Construction Company, also known as S&S Construction, is an established West Palm Beach business. When the company needed exterior signage that would identify its location in style, the management team contacted Stellar Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Exterior Signs for Construction Companies in West Palm Beach FL

Exterior signs for construction companies in West Palm Beach FLAfter meeting with our clients, we designed a sign that fits perfectly above the entryway of the location. Centered over the doors and windows, it displays with a white backdrop and light blue to gray-blue lettering that shows gradient color changes. The marker takes on the look of the business’ online presentation, which is a common marketing practice. Doing so enables prospective clients who had been researching the company online to recognize the display with ease.

We relied on full-color print on vinyl, which ensures that we get the gradient color changes just right. By adding UV lamination, our technicians protected the ink from fading in the direct sunlight. This step is crucial to maintaining the good looks of the product for years to come. There was no need for illumination since a recessed light fixture is right above the entryway. The finished product markets and brands S&S Construction while also beautifying the façade of the building the company uses.

Marketing and Branding Your Construction Company

When introducing a construction company to the consumer, there is always the danger of not getting the niche explanation across. Sure, when you have the term “construction” incorporated into your firm’s name, it is a little easier. That said, in some cases, the consumer does not realize that a business may specialize in residential versus commercial construction. Our signage specialists can help you stand out in all the right ways.

  • Graphics. We recommend using niche-specific images that highlight the type of construction you specialize in. Whether it is the silhouette of a home or the stylized likeness of a mall, these structural images reveal the types of building projects you undertake. Incorporate them into the design of your exterior signage.
  • Window lettering. The glass panes of your office windows are ideal locations to expand on your professional niche. Outline the types of construction tasks you take on. For your vehicle, we recommend a perforated vinyl rear window cover that describes this information. It allows you to see out of your vehicle but shows customers the marketing information.
  • Vehicle wraps. Covering your work truck with a vinyl ad depicting some of the sites where you worked helps the consumer to select you for their projects. You can achieve a similar effect by placing posters on your windows that show these images.

Commissioning Building Signage

When you are ready to discuss your next set of exterior signs for construction companies in West Palm Beach FL, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We help you to put together a look that is unique to your business and indicative of your work. Our experts can assist you with the design, manufacture, and installation of building signs, banners, window graphics, monuments, and vehicle wraps. Contact us today to get started.

Exterior signs for construction companies in West Palm Beach FL

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