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30 Oct 2015

Fleet Vehicle Lettering for Highland Pest Control Brands the Business!

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Highland Pest Control is a premier South Florida pest management company. Technicians handle inspections, commercial and residential structure protection as well as lawn services that provide insect control for your landscape. When the company’s management team needed vehicle lettering for its fleet of trucks, it contacted the signage pros at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Fleet vehicle lettering South Florida

Fleet Vehicle Lettering for Pest Control Companies in South Florida

There are two main reasons for treating fleet vehicles with graphics and lettering. For starters, being able to identify who is at the neighbor’s home doing work puts those living next to pest control clients at ease. Secondly, there is no easier way to build your brand than by treating the vehicles you use for the business.

Fleet vehicle lettering for pest control companies in South Florida

Highland Pest Control relies on the Chevy Silverado for transporting equipment and crew members. The basic white color of the truck is ideal for a treatment with the blue color that is iconic for the company. We added the name of the business to the cab portion and provided a brief niche explanation with a phone number. Along the bed’s upper portion, we enumerated the services the company focuses on.

Fleet truck lettering South Florida

On the tailgate, we repeated the name, basic niche information and phone number. Our graphic artists further added the website address for the company. To help the management team identify its vehicles more easily, we added the fleet vehicle number to the upper right hand of the gate. When this vehicle now parks in front of a client’s home or business, it is easy to recognize the name of the pest control service.

Active Brand Building through Mobile Marketing

Fleet truck lettering for pest control companies in South Florida

Generating brand awareness is a process that causes the consumer to think of your business when needing a particular service or product. It calls for a clever combination of company colors, logo displays and perhaps a catchy jingle that easily pops into the mind. When your company succeeds at creating this type of recognition and then tying it to a service, you build brand awareness in the consumer. Mobile marketing is an integral part of this process.

By adding fleet vehicle lettering to all the cars, trucks or vans you operate for the company, you better the odds that potential customers take in your visual message – and perhaps more than once per day. Since message repetition is part of brand building, it is clear that increasing the number of treated fleet vehicles also leads to an increase in branding success.

Commissioning Your Fleet Graphics

Contact our professionals today to learn more about the various vehicle vinyl products that are available to you. Our graphic artists routinely design full vehicle wraps, partial wraps and graphics packages for a broad range of automobiles. In addition, we create lettering packages that offer budget-friendly exposure for your company. Whether you need fleet vehicle lettering for pest control companies in South Florida or for any other type of business, contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your order.

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