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18 May 2015

Full Vinyl Window Cling for the Goldman Vein Institute in Wellington FL

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The Goldman Vein Institute specializes in the treatment of spider and varicose veins. Customizing a medically sound approach depending on each patient’s individual presentation of symptoms, these experts take the time to get to know you and your vein issues before making any recommendations. When it came time to enhance this company’s marketing approach at the 2515 State Road 7 location in Wellington, the business’ management team contacted Stellar Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Making Window Marketing Work for Your Company

Full vinyl window cling Wellington FL

Choosing a storefront setup for this type of patient care center accomplishes two things. First, it makes the treatment more accessible to patients who do not like the hospital or clinical complex atmosphere that so many other practitioners choose. Secondly, this setup makes the visit quick and easy to achieve without the usual hospital parking difficulties.

Of course, with a storefront location there is also the challenge of privacy. Large window banks can make patients feel like they are on display. For this reason, a good number of our clients in the medical field commission full vinyl window cling. Wellington, FL, clinic managers like the way that the material allows light to still pass through the image while effectively shielding waiting patients from the eyes of passersby.

At the same time, this product succeeds at marketing the business. In the case of the Goldman Vein Institute, the image shows off the clinic’s name and logo while providing a glimpse at the results that a successful vein treatment brings. In addition, the visually attractive color and style element combination offers an aesthetic display that grabs the attention of passersby while acting as a wayfinding tool for those searching out the clinic.

What Full Vinyl Window Graphics Could do for Your Business

You do not have to operate a clinic to consider the addition of full vinyl window graphics. Wellington, FL, spas, nail salons, wine stores and travel professionals love the idea of using large glass surfaces to present a marketing message to interested consumers. The reasons for this approach are plentiful.

  • Provide privacy. Whether your clients like the idea of privacy or you simply want to heighten the interest in what you have to offer, shielding the visual access with a marketing message printed on vinyl makes sense.
  • Hide unsightly spaces. Depending on the setup of your storefront, it is possible that some of your window banks actually allow glimpses into areas usually hidden from customers’ eyes. Examples include a view of the stock room, visual access to an area that is under construction or simply a shelf setup that does not look quite as attractive on the outside as it does on the inside.
  • Reel in foot traffic. Advertisements that span the windowpanes succeed at generating interest in those walking by. These consumers want to know what your business is all about. On a whim, they might enter your store or plan a visit later on. This is not something that you accomplish as easily with other marketing approaches.

Call us today for more information on the use of full vinyl window cling products for your business. Find out what your options are and see what kind of advertising look we can create for your company.

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