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11 Apr 2016

Goodwill Donation Center Adds Channel Letters in Palm Beach County FL

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Recently, the management team of the Goodwill Donation Center at 9704 Clint Moore Road invited us to manufacture and design a channel letter sign for the venue. As you may know, the Gulfstream Goodwill Industries business model dates back to 1902. It champions the employment of disabled workers to support self-sufficiency in a supportive environment. Frequenting a Goodwill store is a great way of showing your support of these efforts.

Of course, before you can buy anything there, folks need to donate potential merchandise. Doing so is only possible when the donation center features wayfinding signage. With channel letters in Palm Beach County FL, it is now a snap for those close to the Clint Moore Road Center to drop off bags, furnishings and any other donations. We installed blue channel letters to a cream-colored facade outcropping. Spelling out the term “Donation Center,” the box cabinet displaying Goodwill’s well-known logo does the branding.

Branding with Channel Letters

Channel Letters in Palm Beach County FL

There are numerous ways to use channel letters to express your branding message.

  • Colors. For starters, consumers recognize your colors. Everyone knows the blue tone that Goodwill Industries uses. The long-term display of this color alongside the company’s logo has made brand awareness possible. Follow suit by using channel letters that show your primary color. Perfectly match other signage components to display the same tone.
  • Fonts. The use of your font also makes a big difference. Create name recognition by pairing your easy-to-read font with the colors you have chosen for your display. The resulting signage quickly heightens brand identification.
  • Optional accessories. Do you always display a logo to the left? Do some of your letters show in different font sizes? These are just two alternatives that further drive the creation of brand and product awareness.

What Lettering Display is Right for Your Business?

Whenever possible, we recommend the installation of illuminated signage. The lighting gives your business the advantage of being highly visible. Also, you succeed in standing out when you are located in a tree-lined area. That said, it is possible to commission non-lit channel letters. If you do decide to order illuminated channel letters in Palm Beach County FL, you have more choices.

  • Front-lit. This model allows the light to escape through the front of the letter. The front features colorful polycarbonate while the rest of the letter consists of aluminum.
  • Back-lit. When you select this option, we close up the front of the product with aluminum and open up the back with transparent material. The light escapes through the back, bathing the letter in a halo of illumination.
  • Open-face. Do you remember the old neon signs of yesteryear? Imitate this look by leaving the channel letters open in the front and asking for neon tubes instead of LEDs. When you favor an avant-garde atmosphere, this is a great selection.

Do not worry if you are unsure which channel letter setup is best for you. Contact our graphic artists to discuss your signage ideas. We work with you to discover the design that best meets your needs and helps you to stand out in all the right ways.

channel letters in Palm Beach County FL

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