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20 Apr 2016

Guide to Channel Letters in West Palm Beach FL

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Home of Clematis Street and the Mango Promenade, West Palm Beach is also famous for the Barrett-Jackson auto auction and the SunFest. Its businesses cater to tourists who visit the location in droves. Companies hoping to stand out among the competition must present with signage that hits all the right notes. For building markers, the majority of business owners rely on channel letters. In West Palm Beach, FL, you typically see three main types on display.

channel letters in West Palm Beach FL

1. Front Lit Lettering Presents Bold Colors after Dark

When you choose this setup, we use aluminum to manufacture the letters’ bodies. The material is lightweight but sturdy, which makes it ideal for use on almost any type of façade. For the fronts, we usually install colorful polycarbonate. You choose the color that you prefer. Many clients pick a company color that helps with branding. Inside the letter, you notice LEDs for illumination. We close up the back with aluminum as well. Depending on your preference, we mount the letters directly to the façade or to a raceway, which we paint in the façade’s color and then attach it to the wall.

2. Back Lit Letters Reveal the Famous Halo Effect

If you prefer a backlit letter, we reverse the process somewhat. Now, we close off the fronts of the letters and the sides with aluminum. Next, we paint the aluminum in your chosen color. In the back, we install a piece of clear acrylic. Once again, we place the LED inside each letter. Our technicians mount backlit channel letters to your building’s wall with standoffs that allow for a space measuring about two inches. Doing so allows the light to escape through the back of the letter, which then bathes the entire sign in a soft halo.channel letters in West Palm Beach FL

3. Open-face Channel Letters Remind of Classic Neon Lights

Do you remember the movies depicting the humming neon lights on a rainy evening? A Film Noire favorite, these signs are actually making a significant comeback. Businesses with an avant-garde clientele like to give their nod to the Art Deco era with channel letters. Diners with a classic appeal do the same. In this scenario, we construct the letters with aluminum as before. We leave the fronts open and install neon tubes. After dark, the displays emit the classic light that causes a bout of nostalgia for plenty of shoppers.channel letters in West Palm Beach FL

Ordering Channel Letters in West Palm Beach, FL

Contact our design experts to discuss your order of channel letters. There is a fourth option that is not chosen as frequently as the others are, but it is available. It is a combination of the front and backlit scenarios. Although the illumination is just a bit weaker, it does provide your customers with the best of both worlds. You see the bold color display as well as the halo that surrounds the signage.

For a logo representation, we usually recommend the construction of a lightbox cabinet that we mount alongside the letters. We can perfectly match the colors of the products to ensure a cohesive brand and marketing display on your building’s front. Contact us today to get started on your signage project.


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