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26 Sep 2016

HEW Brands Using Wall Graphics for Fitness Centers in Boca Raton FL

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Hard Exercise Works (HEW) operates a gym at 21065 Powerline Road. The concept behind the advocated fitness lifestyle is deceptively simple: hard exercise works. A five-week boot camp helps beginners to shape up in 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Those who stick with the program appreciate the ability to change their lifestyles, learn how to eat right, and become part of a growing community of individuals who enjoy a newfound confidence. When this business needed wall graphics for fitness centers in Boca Raton FL, its management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Local HEW Facility Impresses with Vinyl Wall Graphics

Wall graphics for fitness centers in Boca Raton FLThe color scheme for the facility is green and blue. Large and new, the gym is everything groups of like-minded fitness enthusiasts need to achieve the personal growth they seek out. After consulting with our client, we designed and manufactured wall graphics that mimic the look of the logo but in a manner that increases its size significantly. Installed to the focal wall near the flag displays, it shows off the famous HEW logo in the blue and green tones of the colors chosen for the facility. Now, when first-time visitors come to the gym to learn more about the program or work out, the wall graphics are there to greet them and communicate the brand message.

Graphics for Fitness Facilities

Wall graphics for fitness centers in Boca Raton FLBranding a workout facility helps to set the tone for the overall atmosphere the gym projects. Depending on the images and color selections, you might equip the locale to appeal to a competitive group of enthusiasts or to those who are just starting out and are usually somewhat intimidated. We recommend the use of a variety of graphics products.

  • Wall graphics. Because wall spaces in gyms are typically tall and wide, we recommend the installation of proportionally sized graphics that feature logos, silhouettes, and images to encourage those who are getting fit to stick with their workout goals. Branding in this manner also reinforces the commitment to the facility itself.
  • Wall wraps. Occasionally, the use of fitness equipment such as stationary bikes calls for an out-of-the-way location. This need may place folks right in front of walls and other uninspiring spaces. Counteract this feeling by wrapping the walls with nature scenes that give these bike riders the illusion of traveling through a countryside or along a sandy beach path with plenty of eye-catching details.
  • Window decals. Introduce more detailed information about your facility via the glass panes. The majority of gyms have large glass panels that give passersby a view of the facility. Use opaque graphics or decals made of perforated vinyl for unobstructed light access to the facility. Display large images of the company’s logo, graphics of members working out, or lettering that spells out details about the philosophy of the program.

Buying Wall Graphics for Fitness Centers in Boca Raton FL

Whether you are outfitting a new facility for the first time, re-branding an existing gym, or upgrading graphics you have had on the walls and windows for a while, we can help you with all steps involved in the process. Contact us today to schedule your client consultation.

Wall graphics for fitness centers in Boca Raton FL

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