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27 Feb 2017

Illuminate with Interior Channel Letters for Offices in West Palm Beach FL

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Located at 205 Datura Street, Hotel Planner is in the business of helping you find the perfect venue for business meetings, weddings, conferences, or sports team stays. Working with a broad range of facilities worldwide, these experts help you capitalize on group rates and bring down the costs of your rooms. When the company needed interior channel letters for offices in West Palm Beach FL, its management team contacted our sign pros for assistance.

We visited the location and took measurements. Next, we created three-dimensional letters that we installed with standoffs. The color of the letters is an attractive tan tone that does not create a stark contrast with the blonde wood backdrop. Doing so would have been visually overwhelming for the space. Instead, we installed rear-mounted LEDs that allow the illumination to bathe the letters in a halo of light. This brightness now sets off the hue of the lettering from the color of the wall. This gorgeous display combines professionalism with artistic merit.

Channel Letters Inside? Yes!

Interior channel letters for offices in West Palm Beach FLIf you could bring your brand message inside simply by featuring a scaled down version of your building sign, would you? More and more business owners answer with a resounding yes. They have come to realize that the seamless continuity of this branding effort has plenty of benefits.

  • Name recognition. Customers come to recognize your name quicker. Because, so far, this signage display is still considered extraordinary, it presents your company with a great mnemonic device. Catching the attention of shoppers and encouraging them to remember your business works well.
  • Brand awareness. The colors of the letters, as well as their fonts, are instrumental in communicating your brand message. By repeating the information with so little space in between interior and exterior display, you reinforce the message with ease.
  • Product knowledge. Once again, it is the rarity of the appearance that makes it stand out. It is easier for the client to remember the products you represent just because of the signage presentation that catches the attention of those visiting the office.

Lit Lobby Signs are Hot

Interior channel letters for offices in West Palm Beach FLOf course, channel letters are not the only game in town. Some companies have chosen to feature lightbox cabinets that mimic the exterior signage. Others have commissioned aluminum signage bodies in the shapes of logos or niche images. With push-through acrylic lettering, the built-in LEDs light up the letters, which has a significant effect, particularly on larger wall surfaces. Another option is the display of a basic lobby logo board that we can manufacture using acrylic. We paint it in the colors you indicate and install the message on the product with dimensional letters. We hide the LEDs behind the board, where they now create a halo around the sign.

Order Interior Channel Letters for Offices in West Palm Beach FL

If we have piqued your interest in adding this signage solution to your corporate headquarters or office, discuss your plans with our business sign professionals. Whether you like the idea of the channel letter setup or have something else in mind, we can help.

Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

Interior channel letters for offices in West Palm Beach FL

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