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17 Apr 2015

Innovative Wall Murals for Wellington, FL

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Wall murals can really help your business shine

Located in Palm Beach County, Wellington residents and business community members work hard to maintain a small-town atmosphere. At the same time, the buildings are modern, well designed and flow perfectly with the natural beauty of the palms, the countless parks and the recreational opportunities. Maintaining the hometown character with architecture and signage is a key element to the success of Wellington’s community. One of the most successful signage products in this setting is the wall mural.

Why Choose Wall Murals?

The wall murals Wellington, FL, members of the business community select have the power to fulfill quite a few functions.

  • Wayfinding. Installed on walls or pillars, innovative wall murals lead the way to amenities within a store or office setting.
  • This wall mural helps buld brand awarenessMarketing. When you like the idea of displaying your products in larger-than-life situations, the full-wall mural makes it easy. The product takes up a large display space and gives shoppers an excellent view of its benefits.
  • Branding. Incorporate your branding message into an artistic wall mural. The depiction communicates with your customers and helps them to associate a certain feeling or attitude when doing business with you.

High-tech Manufacturing Processes

When you entrust the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics with your wall mural needs, you know that you receive a superior product that is not only easy to clean but also of the highest quality. The durability is due to the premium vinyl we use for the creation of our murals. It is long lasting and coated for enhanced durability.

Let us help your business with a custom wall muralWe digitally print the images you select. This allows us to create whole-wall murals that feature stunning details. It is not unusual for our clients to report that customers – and even staff members – have lost themselves in the contemplation of an intricate street scene or architectural rendering. Since we customize the vinyl selection with your wall makeup in mind, our technicians can install the finished product to smooth walls or bricks.

Who Orders These Products?

Schools and restaurants are among our best clients. They appreciate the way that the product has the power to completely change the mood of a room. In areas where large walls are part of the venue setup, the whole-wall mural makes the most sense and is frequently a lot cheaper than hiring a painter. Interestingly, the same is true for the other way around, too.

Small restaurants in particular have taken advantage of the mural process. It allows them to set the tone for their guests’ experiences without having to invest a lot in decorative items that would take away space and make the eatery look too cluttered. Of course, it does not end there. Gyms like the idea of motivating athletes while museums use their large wall spaces to inspire and educate visitors.

Getting Started

Call our professionals today for more information on the types of wall graphics Wellington, FL, businesses can benefit from. We work with you to take an active role in preserving the local hometown feel while still aggressively – but tastefully – marketing and branding your business.


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