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30 Sep 2016

Insider Guide to Installing Channel Letters in West Palm Beach FL

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When you outfit your storefront or office, you must stand out among competitors. Local consumers have become accustomed to the superior signage solutions on display by corporate giants such as CEMEX, the Ocwen Financial Corporation, General Dynamics as well as from the manufacturers, retailers, and service providers whom they do business with. We recommend the installation of channel letters in West Palm Beach FL.

What You Need to Know about Channel Letter Sign Construction

channel letters in West Palm Beach FLOur technicians use aluminum to shape the letters into the font that you selected for spelling out the company’s name. When you opt for front-lit displays, we close off the letters with colorful polycarbonate that features your corporate colors. When you prefer a halo effect, we finish the front with aluminum that we paint in your chosen color. (We previously discussed illumination options in our essential guide to channel letters.)

Installation Options

channel letters in West Palm Beach FLWhen we meet with our clients for a site survey, we usually inspect the façade of the building to get a better understanding of the installation options. For example, did you know that some buildings in the area show a higher level of crumbling stone, which makes a typical flash-mount impractical?

A flash-mount installation only means that we affix the letters directly to the wall. The wiring goes through the wall, and our technicians hook up everything from the back. To accomplish this look, we need to drill several holes per letter, usually four or more, and we need to have access to the space behind the façade where the sign hangs. If the wall does not accommodate the drilling of multiple holes, it may be better to choose a raceway mount. We also recommend this installation method if your lease specifically limits the amount of drilling we can do.

The raceway setup involves the selection of a slender box that runs the entire length of the channel letter sign. It folds open via a hinged door to reveal a space that is suitable for hiding all the wiring. End caps close off the box to prevent unsightly displays of wires and to protect against moisture. Our technicians paint the box in the same color as the façade to hide it in plain sight. We mount the letters to the front of the box while we install the box to the wall. The advantage of this technique is three-fold.

  1. Fewer drill holes. Installers usually only drill four to six holes to mount the box to the wall. This is a far cry from the higher number of drill holes you have to factor in with a flush mount.
  2. Easy access for servicing. If the letters ever need servicing, we can quickly reach the electrical components from the front. We can do regular maintenance without having to come in and go behind the façade.
  3. Enhanced 3D appeal. Because the raceway juts out about four inches, the three-dimensional appeal of the channel letters gets a boost. Many of our clients appreciate this fact.

Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about ordering channel letters in West Palm Beach FL, for your business.

channel letters in West Palm Beach FL

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