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9 Oct 2015

JP’s Beachside Suites Shines with Dimensional Letter Building Sign!

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Located just a few steps from the famous Hollywood Board Walk and beach, guests find JP’s Beachside Suites, also known as the Jane Apartments & Motel, at 339 Taylor Street. When the management team of this venue decided that it was time to enhance its overall appearance to reel in the foot traffic, it contacted the signage experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Beach Sites in Hollywood, FL

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Hollywood FL

We worked with the team to create the perfect color match for the beachside suites. The logo lettering measures 17.75 inches in height while the other information – displaying a different font – measures 4.5 inches. Using PVC to ensure durability of the signage that is located only one block from the beach, and therefore exposed to sand and moisture, the half-inch thickness is ideal to ensure a sturdy display. After manufacturing the dimensional letters, we stud-mounted them directly to the wall.

Incorporating Building Signs into Your Marketing and Branding Messages

You already know that the building sign is the exterior calling card of your business. It has the power to pique the interest of consumers just as it has the power of turning them away from your venue. Channel letters and box cabinets are among the most commonly requested signage solutions in this setting. Yet smaller venues, particularly those in the hospitality sector, frequently favor a more personable approach that heavily brands the hotel or motel while providing the way-finding assistance needed to guests in search of a great place to stay.

  • Dimensional letters. These letters can create a counterpoint to your façade’s color scheme or complement its look. This versatility endears them to property owners. To stand out even more, these letters can create three-dimensional effects that pop. Consider the use of foam, PVC, acrylic or metal for the letters.
  • Routed signs. Bed and breakfast owners in particular like to commission this type of marker. It is a shingle that looks a bit like the old-world shingles you would have seen along narrow streets where European merchants set up their storefronts. Colorful images brand and market the business.
  • Aluminum boards. These boards present with the option of a vertical display that can be as tall as the entry door. Use dimensional letters on the board itself or opt for a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay to communicate your message. The use of metal is a favorite in areas where the weather gets rough.

Bringing in Foot Traffic

Although most guests will have reservations made online or via phone, there are always some tourists who just drive around and look for a place that appeals to them. The same is true for the shopper who ventures into a store that looks interesting. Reeling in foot traffic is easy to do with a sign that appeals to consumers on an emotional level. Whether it hints at a mystery, features colors that are synonymous with a certain type of vacation experience or otherwise draws the eye of the consumer, lettering is an ideal medium to create this kind of message.

When you are ready to add a dimensional letter building sign for your rental apartment company in Hollywood, FL, or for any other kind of business, contact our professional graphic artists today.

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