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25 Mar 2016

Looking for Metal Plaques in West Palm Beach FL?

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What can you do with metal plaques in West Palm Beach, FL? In the past, these products were standard for the display of awards and special industry recognitions. Although these are still significant reasons for showing off a plaque in your business, there are now many more uses.

Cast Plaques Make Great Lobby Logo Signs

Cast Metal Plaques West Palm Beach FLMove over acrylic; metal plaques are coming. Cast from bronze or aluminum, you choose the shape of the item. Do you want to show off your logo’s form and feature your company’s name as three-dimensional writing in its center? No problem! Countless color choices let you present the sign with your business’ colors, which creates an excellent branding opportunity in your lobby.

Another good option is the design of contemporary room labels identifying occupants. Embellish the layout with a photo relief that incorporates the image with the casting method. Add the name of the room’s occupant, a job title, and any awards or specializations that this employee brings to the table. Within a law firm, accountancy office or similar setting featuring partners or senior staff members, this is an informative display.

Etched Plaques Allow for Great Detail Work

Etched Metal Plaques West Palm Beach FL

Etching opens up metal selections to include bronze, stainless steel, brass, and copper. When you want to display a lot of detail work, opt for this manufacturing technique. The text you include will be recessed and is then filled with paint for a heightened contrast with the material’s color. It is possible to create a 3D image and use the color to adorn the background of the text or graphics instead.

Our business clients like to use this technology for plaques commemorating dedications, generous donations, and similarly memorable events. Also, consider the use of multiple etched metal plaques that create a timeline to tell your company’s history. Reproduce old photos, documents and incorporate text to fill in the high points. In fact, you might even add vinyl wall lettering to enhance further the educational aspects of this display. Doing so makes it suitable for the main wall display in your office.

Bring Pizzazz into any Office with Metal Plaque Signage

ADA Metal Plaques West Palm Beach FL

Aside from the already mentioned uses for metal plaques in West Palm Beach, FL, business settings, imagine how you could change the overall look and feel of your space by exclusively relying on this type of product for all your signage needs.

  • Wayfinding assistance. Oblong metal plaques featuring rosettes, or other decorative images could highlight the names of rooms or combine with arrow displays to provide directional assistance.
  • ADA signs. Due to the manufacturing methods that allow for the display of three-dimensional images and lettering, as well as the availability of high-contrast paints, it is possible to design and manufacture products that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Informative markers. Display your clinic’s payment policies, your dry-cleaning liability limitations or your EVAC notation. Since it is possible to reproduce documents in perfect detail, signage design can be as easy as a reproduction of a document that you already have on file.

Contact us today to learn more about the versatile nature of metal plaques and to find out how this signage product can bring pizzazz to your space.

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