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6 Jul 2015

Mandel JCC in Boynton Beach Shines with Monument Sign Refurbishing!

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Located at 8500 Jog Road, the Mandel Jewish Community Center of the Palm Beaches offers wellness programs for children and adults. This JCC also sponsors adult education classes and children’s after-school programs as well as other enrichment opportunities. The organization had an existing double-sided monument sign that was in need of an update and refurbishing. This is when the JCC called Stellar Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Monument Sign Refurbishing for Boynton Beach, FL

Monument Sign Refurbishing Boynton Beach FL

Our professionals specialize in the refurbishing of existing signage. There is no reason to install a new sign when the one that you already own is still in a serviceable condition. This was the case with the JCC’s signage. We sanded the structure and filled any dents that marred its appearance. Next, we painted the monument sign to restore its former beauty. The new look brands the organization, identifies the building and provides niche-specific program information as well as a website address.

What Makes Monument Signs so Important?

Monument Sign Repair Boynton Beach FL

Some business owners are tempted to take down a monument sign once it starts to look past its prime. This is a serious mistake. For starters, the monument sign acts as a wayfinding tool for motorists. It allows them to spot the location and safely change lanes. The consumer who cannot find a business or organization until the car is halfway past the driveway entrance may not come back but head to the competition.

In addition, it provides a visible reminder of a company’s presence. Even if a consumer does not have a need for the product or service today, this may change some time down the line. In the case of the JCC, it may be the after-school care program or the wellness classes that are of interest at some point in the future. With the monument marketing and branding the organization, name recognition and brand awareness bring the consumer back to do business.

Sign Repairs Boynton Beach FL

Last but not least, the monument is an integral part of a carefully planned signage combination. It welcomes in the consumer and starts the marketing conversation. Additional signage products then continue on what this sign has started to communicate. Without this sign, there is no conversation. If your company is not directly visible from the street to catch the eye of the consumer with signage there, you miss business opportunities.

Can You Refurbish My Sign?

The majority of old signs that we work with can indeed be refurbished. What looks like a lost cause to a business owner is frequently little more than a design challenge for our technicians. As long as the sign’s basic structural integrity is good, we can work with it. If you are thinking of replacing or refurbishing monument signs in Boynton Beach, FL, or do not know if your other signage products still have some life left in them, contact our professionals. We visit you for a site evaluation and give you an honest estimate of the cost involved in a refurbishing versus the cost of replacement. From there, we simply follow your lead and get the job done with your satisfaction in mind.

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