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11 Nov 2016

MiraLago at Parkland Shines with HOA Welcome Signs Designed by J.A. Fardella!

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Frequent readers of our blog will remember that we just recently reported on the home community welcome sign, designed by J.A. Fardella, we put together for K. Hovnanian’s Four Seasons at Parkland. When the business contacted us again, its team had need of HOA welcome signs in MiraLago, which is another Parkland neighborhood. The builder is Lennar Homes, and this community appeals to families with younger children. That said, the sign designer was once again J.A. Fardella.

Club MiraLago Sign

HOA Welcome SignsThis product features a wood frame that holds the material. Push-through acrylic lettering and a logo portion allow for a three-dimensional display. What helps this setup to stand out, even more, is the interior LED illumination that allows the push through letters to light up from behind. The result is an attractive mix of elegance and contemporary flair. It perfectly represents this community.

How Does a Welcome Sign Define Your Brand’s Characteristics?

HOA Welcome SignsThe sign’s designer has succeeded at flawlessly capturing the tone that the HOA seeks to set. What aspects go into this type of design?

  • Quality. To communicate the quality of the home designs, the artist focuses plenty of attention on the materials and colors that make up the signage. By extension, the consumer is sure to associate this level of attention to detail with the many amenities and high-quality extras the homes offer.
  • Elegance. The gold and cream tones, as well as the darker wood, combine to present an elegant but approachable design. It catches the eye and offers plenty of interesting details. At the same time, it does not look so exclusive as to appear forbidding. Doing so ensures that the marker appeals to a broad segment of the targeted demographic.
  • Contemporary style. The inclusion of LEDs for illumination is an excellent idea for the overall design of the marker. Since this signage element is a modern product that many consider on the cutting edge of interior sign production, the blueprint’s creator once again succeeds in drawing attention to the state-of-the-art amenities the units possess.

Putting Together HOA Welcome Signs

It is clear that J.A. Fardella has a knack for summarizing a brand with materials, colors, and style elements. But did you know that our graphic artists can also work with you to put together a sign design that looks fantastic in your setting? For starters, we collaborate with you on the message that this signage solution will communicate to the consumer. Since the lobby or welcome sign should be the focal point of a reception area’s appearance, it also needs to be the primary signage product that influences the design and manufacture of secondary signage products.

Our experts can incorporate the graphics you already have on hand. If you want to see what we could put together from scratch, we gladly accommodate you. At that point, we discuss the uses of materials you favor and the color combination that adequately bespeaks your brand. If you are curious to see what we can come up with, call us today!

HOA Welcome Signs

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