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6 Jun 2016

Are Monument Signs in West Palm Beach the Right Choice for Your Business?

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The monument sign is to wayfinding what channel letters are to branding: indispensable. When clients contact the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics with the complaint that consumers simply do not seem to see their companies, a missing monument is usually to blame. But when ordering monument signs in West Palm Beach FL, remember that one size and design does not fit all. In fact, customization is a crucial element of a successful product selection.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Feature a Monument

Monument Signs for Franchises in Wellington FL

Although it is true that some companies reel in foot traffic even without a monument of their own, there are three situations when neglecting the presentation of this marker can adversely affect the notice consumers take of your venue.

  1. Office park setting. Grouping like businesses in an office park makes it more likely that customers of a competing company will check out your site as well. That said, the storefronts situated in the backs of these office parks do not have the street exposure needed to draw in consumers.
  2. Strip mall. The strip mall setting is similar to the office park, except for the fact that it appeals to retailers. Remember that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of colorful ads and iconic branding messages from anchor stores. Frequently, you see some of the larger retailers’ names displayed on pylons.
  3. Recessed venue. Even when there are no other businesses around, a picturesque setting with plenty of green space can work to your detriment. If the customer does not easily see your company from the street, and may not be able to make out your building sign right away, it is possible for a consumer to keep on driving.

Making the Most of the Signage Option

monument signs in West Palm Beach FLRemember that not all monument signs in West Palm Beach FL, look the same. A common thread in the manufacture of these products is the display at eye height of the consumer. Aside from this design setup, the options open to you are as varied as the budgets, tastes and niche preferences of the companies that commission them.

  • Traditional brick and mortar monument. Mortar, rebar, and bricks combine for the creation of a classic sign that is durable, attractive and suitable for any setting. It easily accommodates contemporary signage components such as electric cabinets, LED reader boards or channel letter. Of course, it also does well with time-honored dimensional letters crafted from metal, acrylic or foam.
  • Pre-fabricated foam monuments. Although these are newcomers to the scene, they have quickly caught on in popularity because of the versatility they afford businesses. Choose from a broad range of sizes and appearances. Faux bricks, lumber, and stucco give the impression of a brick and mortar setup at a fraction of the cost. Choose any facing type you like.
  • Contemporary acrylic and metal signage. Stylish and sophisticated, the combination of acrylic and metal is quickly becoming the hallmark of modern venues. Shapes vary from the frequently chosen oblong setups to columns, offset style elements, and avant-garde construction with bits and pieces jutting out.

Contact us today to learn more about these (and other) monument signage options and how they could help your company to stand out.

monument signs in West Palm Beach FL

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