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30 Jul 2015

Need Wholesale Vehicle Wrap Printing in Palm Beach County FL?

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Some of our business clients are auto repair shops. Collaborating with them and teaming up for work is always a welcome project for the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics. Case in point is wholesale vehicle wrap printing in Palm Beach County.

Collaboration with Tate Designs

Wholesale Vehicle Wrap Printing Palm Beach County FL

Tate Designs does business at 535 NE 32nd Street in Fort Lauderdale. This auto repair shop is well known for its excellent work and happy clients. When the company worked with a client who wanted a wrap, Tate contacted us. We looked over the designs for the wrap and manufactured the vinyl product on our equipment. Tate’s technicians picked up the product and then installed it at their shop. The finished vehicle looks great and the customer is happy.

What is the Advantage of Teaming up with Us?

For starters, you save money. We have already invested in top-of-the-line print equipment that produces superior images. Color matches are true. The various hues are vibrant, crisp and look great. There are no blurred lines and signs of pixilation, which are common with older printers. In addition, we know how to prepare car wrap vinyl since this is part of what we do as well. Working with our experts therefore saves you money since you do not have to worry about material waste.

Affordable Vehicle Wrap Printing West Palm Beach FL

Next, you have the opportunity to add a facet to your business that brings in new customers. Although you may already have plenty of clients visiting you for standard vehicle repairs and upgrades, adding wraps and graphics to the mix will provide you with an additional revenue stream. In your business, this may not be something that customers will ask for frequently, so working with someone on a standby basis makes more sense. This is also a good idea when this part of your business peaks seasonally. For example, incoming new companies may find that they not only need their vehicles maintained but also need fleet graphics installed. This is a larger print job that we can easily handle.

Collaborations with Other Signage Companies

Auto repair shops are just some of the companies that we team up with. Other signage companies, too, like to team up with us. When another signage maker has a large project, we occasionally help with the overflow. This sometimes happens when treating a large fleet of vehicles. When the signage maker’s printing machine is broken, we take on the manufacturing of the signage. In some cases, we also handle installations. Our professionals appreciate the opportunity to work with others in the business and understand that the client’s satisfaction is paramount.

Ordering Your Wholesale Vehicle Wrap Printing in Palm Beach County

Contact our professionals today for more information on vehicle wraps and other wholesale signage solutions. We look forward to working with you and serving the customers. It is always helpful to have the artwork on hand, which speeds up the process. When your customer does not have a firm idea of a finished look yet, our graphic artists gladly work with the client to put something together.

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