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13 May 2016

No Swimming Signs for Gated Communities in Delray Beach FL

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The Estuary of Delray Beach is a gated community consisting of 104 town-homes that feature a distinct Mediterranean flair. Residents enjoy ocean vistas, private balconies, multi-level living spaces and perfectly manicured landscaping. To ensure the safety of residents and their guests, and to maintain the pristine appearance of local bodies of water, the homeowners’ association (HOA) decided to add some “No Swimming” signs.

No Swimming Signs for Gated Communities in Delray Beach FL, Custom No Swimming Signs for HOA Communities in Delray Beach FL

Custom No Swimming Signs for HOA Communities in Delray Beach, FL

After consulting with the client, we designed a product that features high-density urethane (HDU) for the panel. We painted the material in a green hue that matches other nearby tints. Next, we outlined the board’s shape and carved the “No Swimming” designation into the material. Filling it in with white color, the lettering creates an attractive visual contrast to the green. Our technicians cut the material to allow the HDU to mimic the look of legs that stand up the marker. In reality, we drilled holes for stainless steel rods that securely anchor the signage into the ground. Measuring 20 inches in width and 12 inches in height, we manufactured four such signs for the HOA.

Safety and Directional Signage for Your Community

There are a number of signage products that HOAs of gated communities, management companies of apartment complexes and neighborhood associations may require for their properties.

  • Swimming safety. When your setting includes a pool, ensure the safety of those using it by posting rules for the amenity’s use. We recommend wall-mounted aluminum panels with imprinted vinyl overlays. These products do not rust and allow for easy cleaning.
  • Usage rules. Pools, club houses, putting greens and barbecue pits are just some of the amenities that many local communities offer their residents. Posting rules that limit usage to residents and specify hours of operation make good sense. Adding to these requirements reservation regulations to ensure reasonable accessibility to all tenants and homeowners further enhances the overall enjoyment of the areas.
  • Wayfinding signage. Help visitors and new residents to find their ways around the properties by posting directional signs. HDU markers, post and panel signs, and floor graphics are just some of the products you might consider.

Designing Neighborhood Signage to Suit the Setting

The Estuary of Delray Beach features a Mediterranean building and landscaping style. Signage for this type of community has to be different from an environment that embraces a beach cottage style. Since we are firm believers in a customized approach to any signage product, we spend time during a client consultation to discuss the colors, styles and shapes that would fit in well with the area. For example, some neighborhoods do well with wall-mounted plastic signs while others benefit from yard signs. Wooden signs and reflective aluminum markers have their applications in some settings but not in others.

Ordering your Signage

Contact us today to learn more about the design decisions that go into the creation of a marker that suits your setting perfectly. Whether you need “No Swimming” signs for gated communities in Delray Beach, FL, or warning signage that alerts visitors to the presence of security cameras, we can help. Get started on the design process today.safetywarningsigns

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