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23 Aug 2016

Okeechobee Chiropractic Brands with Window Graphics in West Palm Beach FL

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Located at 7750 Okeechobee Boulevard, Okeechobee Chiropractic & Massage Center does business out of the Golden Shoppes venue. Although the professionals already have excellent building signage, a lit window marker advertising massages, as well as a blade sign hanging from the overhang in front of the entrance, the management team recognized that reeling in foot traffic called for window graphics. In West Palm Beach FL, the use of attractive lettering and images on the window panes is a recipe for benefiting from consumer traffic generated by nearby commercial venues.

Multiple Graphics Appeal to a Broad Range of Consumers

window graphics in West Palm Beach FL After discussing the order for window graphics with the massage center’s management team, we created various products that ensure a broad appeal. To the left side of the door, clients see a poster advertising a one-hour massage for $59. Right underneath, window lettering outlines the types of insurance policies the business accepts.

The door glass offers additional lettering that identifies the company, its proprietors, an insurance-related message, and the notation that the chiropractor welcomes walk-in clients. To the right, a graphic highlights the venue’s hours of operation with an attractive panel shape. The next window panel is larger than the other ones. It features a repetition of the company’s name, contact information, and insurance notation that is also on the door.

What Makes Window Graphics and Lettering so Successful

There are a number of reasons for treating your storefront’s window glass with lettering and graphics.

  • Support building signs. While the large sign at the top of the façade appeals to the consumer across the parking lot, the blade marker addresses pedestrians walking in front of the store. For appeal to a third group – those who are a short few feet away in the parking lot and those who do not notice the blade sign mounted overhead – the use of window graphics makes the most sense.
  • Generate name recognition and product awareness. The lettering on the door and larger window glass are almost identical. This choice is no accident. In fact, the company realizes that a consumer may need to be approached with the same message multiple times before taking action. Since the lettering features different sizes and colors, these versatile display methods are highly effective.
  • Value-added experience. Rather than only offering a marketing message, the management team ensured that the information presented on the glass was worthwhile for the client. The list of accepted insurance carriers, for example, is of great interest to those who prefer to receive massages and chiropractic care for general wellness or because of accidents.
  • Tie-in to the color scheme. Did you notice that the window graphics feature blue and white lettering? This selection is intentional. The blue color ties in neatly to the frames while the white tones match the full-length blinds that offer privacy to the clients inside.

Buying Window Graphics in West Palm Beach FL

Stellar Signs & Graphics is your one-stop shop for window graphics of all types. Whether you need full window wraps, translucent decals, seasonal graphics, or lettering that brands your venue, we can help. Our visual artists welcome the opportunity to work with you on presenting your products or services to a targeted demographic. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation.

window graphics in West Palm Beach FL

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