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8 Apr 2016

Our Guide to Monument Signs in West Palm Beach FL

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Welcome customers and encourage impulse visits to your storefront or office by presenting your marketing and branding information for everyone to see. The best signage solution to achieve this goal is the monument. What sets apart monument signs in West Palm Beach, FL, from other markers that you might place on your property is the tie-in to your landscaping and the broad range of design options that allow for superior customization.

Selecting the Shape, Size, and Appearance of Your Monument Signage

monument signs in West Palm Beach FL

On average, a monument is frequently no taller than about six feet. In fact, the majority of these products are only about half as tall. Your municipality determines the overall height of any sign that you may place on your property. Shapes run the gamut from the classic post and panel display to the brick and mortar base with its aluminum box cabinet. Some products show curved walls. You frequently notice these signs at entrances to covenant-controlled neighborhoods.

Of particular note is the use of foam monuments. Outdoor-rated foam is sturdy, durable and long lasting. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most clients who opt for this signage solution select a pre-fabricated model. Another specialty display is the twin hinge design. It represents a cabinet with a clear polycarbonate front that opens up to reveal a message panel underneath. This product usually presents with dual posts. Its biggest advantage is the ability to add directional information and similar data to your sign.

A Word about the Facing

monument signs in West Palm Beach FL

The sign’s material selection and display appearance frequently govern the facing options open to you.

  • Brick and mortar, foam monuments. These products provide you with the broadest variety of facing options. Choose from channel or dimensional letters, scrolling LED displays, changeable reader boards, and box cabinets.
  • Post and panel setup. The panel portion may be a twin hinge setup, a changeable reader board or a high-density urethane (HDU) plank that we can route or sandblast with your company’s information.
  • Box cabinets. The information either prints directly onto the polycarbonate material that makes up the front of the cabinet or it goes onto a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay that we then attach to the material.

Ordering Monument Signs in West Palm Beach, FL

monument signs in West Palm Beach FL

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your vision for a monument. We welcome the opportunity to visit your location and look at the site where you intend to display the sign. There, we take measurements, make note of the speed limit right in front of your business and ensure that there are no obstructions in the landscape that would make the installation of your product impractical.

During our consultation, we work with you to choose the right look that bespeaks the branding message of your company. At that time, you select the materials, the height, and the facing display. We handle the permitting paperwork. After we finish the manufacture of the product components, we schedule the installation. Our technicians work around your schedule so that we do not inconvenience customers who access your parking lot via the entrance where the sign goes. Contact us today to start the design process.


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