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7 Oct 2016

Panzer A/C Adds Nissan NV Van Wraps to Fleet in Lake Worth FL

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Last year, we received a call from Panzer A/C to assist the business with the installation of Chevy Express van graphics for the latest addition to the air conditioning and heating service’s fleet of vehicles. Not too long ago, this client called again. This time, the friendly folks at the shop needed a Nissan NV 2500 van wrap. Could we assist the company? You bet!

Discussing the Addition of Nissan NV Van Wraps to a Fleet in Lake Worth FL

 Nissan NV Van Wraps to Fleet in Lake Worth FLWe met with the client to discuss the appearance of the mobile marketing message. Since there was no change to the business’ brand message or overall setup of the advertising displays it favored, we were able to re-use some of the graphics we designed for the earlier van. But because the Nissan has different proportions, we had to adjust the sizing and arrangement of the style elements for a perfect fit. The finished result is a well-designed wrap product that looks good, is visually balanced, and now advertises the business while driving across town or parking in front of a customer’s location.

Taking Advantage of Existing Images for a Fleet Wrap or Graphics Package

 Nissan NV Van Wraps to Fleet in Lake Worth FLMobile marketing on the fleet level greatly enhances the brand exposure of your company. It ensures that plenty of consumers see your information. The more vehicles you have on the road, the more opportunity for ad displays your business gets. Although there are many fleets that feature a particular make and model vehicle selection, other fleet managers put together their automobile pool from a variety of motor vehicles.

It gets expensive to have a full design consultation for each vehicle that needs to be wrapped. That said, when you bring your latest fleet additions to our graphic artists, we can save you money by re-using the graphics you chose initially. We adjust the sizing and may need your input about moving some design elements around to accommodate different vehicle curves. At that time, we can also upgrade your other fleet vehicles’ graphics packages with vinyl overlays. Examples might include seasonal messages or the addition of social media icons.

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Marketing with Window Treatments

 Nissan NV Van Wraps to Fleet in Lake Worth FLIf you have not already done so, consider the installation of perforated vinyl window covers. Imprinted with a continuation of your advertising message or something else altogether, the added display space offers another opportunity for communicating with your targeted demographic. For example, if you have an optimized landing page in place for local consumers, put a quick response (QR) code onto the perforated vinyl. Display it on your rear window for those stuck in traffic behind you to capture the code.

Whether you need to add Nissan NV van wraps to fleet in Lake Worth FL, or you have a different type of vehicle that needs to be treated, contact our specialists for more information on how to get started on the design process. We work with you to modify existing graphics or create something entirely new from scratch. Call us today to get started right away!

Panzer A/C Adds Nissan NV Van Wraps to Fleet in Lake Worth FL

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