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19 Oct 2015

Privacy Door Graphics for Homeowners in Palm Beach Gardens FL

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Sometimes, our clients are surprised to learn that there is no job too small for our graphic artists. Case in point is Total Image by Frank. A longtime client of ours, he was looking for a privacy enhancement of his home’s front door. Featuring a glass surface, the door allowed those on the outside an unobstructed view into the home.

Privacy Door Graphics Palm Beach Gardens FL

Since privacy door graphics for homeowners in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, are among the products we specialize in, we worked with him to come up with a design that looks great and keeps curious eyes out. We used etched vinyl in different size increments. Starting with a 10.5-inch display at the top, we ended up with a 2.5-inch display at the bottom. With one inch of space in between the vinyl strips, the door is now a work of art but functional at the same time.

Vinyl Window Treatments for Privacy and Looks

In the business environment, we frequently treat office doors and conference room windows with vinyl graphics. When these offices look out to a busy reception area, it makes client confidentiality and comfort a challenge. Frosted vinyl is a great solution. Light still enters the space but the view from the exterior is obstructed. Beautifying this display is easy with the addition of edged style elements or die-cut images that interrupt the frosted appearance of the vinyl.

It only makes sense to take this technology to the homeowner. Plenty of homeowners adore the large windows they have installed in their homes. They appreciate the beauty of large French doors. Expansive glass panes in the front door allows light to enter a home that would otherwise require constant artificial illumination. The price that this solution requires is privacy. When the mail carrier, delivery driver or solicitor comes to the door, you do not want them to have a view of the interior. The choice is clear: view obstructing frosted vinyl.

How to Commission Homeowner Privacy Door Graphics in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

It all starts with a call to our experienced graphic artists. We gladly visit your location to discuss the privacy needs. Whether you have a large door or a smaller one, we can treat them all. For starters, we measure the glass panes of the door and any windows you would like us to treat as well. Next, we discuss the look you would like.

While Frank liked the idea of vinyl stripes in changing widths at regular intervals, you may have something completely different in mind. Perhaps you like the idea of an uninterrupted frosted glass look that takes any clear pane of glass and makes it look as though you spent plenty of money to have the glass treated at the factory. Only you know that this effect is actually the result of a vinyl treatment.

If you are thinking of adding some style elements, we can create sketches that let you see what the resulting look will be. Whether you prefer something that fits in perfectly with the overall atmosphere of your neighborhood or have a favorite hobby that you would like to see incorporated, we can help. Some homeowners ask us to treat front-facing windows and doors for a cohesive appearance. Call us today to discuss your privacy needs! We look forward to collaborating with you on a great look for your home.

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