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20 Jul 2015

Promotional Spinner Signs Are Here: Watch the Video!

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Human billboard signs (or spinner signs) in Palm Beach, FL, capture the attention of motorists and passersby in a way that no ordinary signage product could hope to accomplish. A brief video of the process illustrates that it only takes one brand representative to work the sign for maximum impact. You have probably seen these folks working for technology stores and fast food restaurants. If you have been wondering if this is something that could benefit your business, you owe it to yourself to find out more.

Who Does the Sign Spinning?

After you identify the times of the day when you have the largest volume of foot and/or vehicle traffic near your storefront, it is easy to total the number of hours that you need someone to be the brand representative for your company. This could be a regular employee who needs additional hours. Yet what happens if the employee simply does not know how to work the sign with tricks, consumer interaction and boundless energy? Call the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics for assistance. (By the by, we think our little pup loves this sign too!)

Signage Products You Need

We recommend a lightweight sign made from corrugated plastic. It allows your sign spinner to work with the item and not get tired because of its weight. Shapes would include your logo or traditional arrows. Imprint your company’s name and other information in the colors and fonts that you use on your website. This enhances name recognition and brand awareness. We provide you with signs featuring handholds or those mounted with moving brackets to a lightweight pole.

Why Spinning Signs Work

Marketing researchers have found that consumers are fond of the impulse buy. Not surprisingly, you see a broad range of these types of products placed near store checkouts and at the cash registers. Catching the eye and attention of the shopper is the key element of the impulse buy. In order to catch the attention of someone who is not even inside your store, simply entrust your message to promotional sign spinners.

Rather than a motionless poster that does little to catch the eye of the hurried consumer, the sign spinner quite literally puts a spin on the sign. Take the time to watch some of the pros at work. They dance, they interact with the audience and some even go so far as to wear costumes that enhance their visibility. The one thing they do not do is stand still and just hold the sign motionless. Their energy and exuberance transfer to the advertised product or service; while catching the eye of the consumer, this marketing method enhances the appeal of your brand and reels in the foot traffic.

Commissioning Your Sign Spinners for Palm Beach County, FL

Contact our professionals today for more information on this service. We work with you to bring your marketing message to life with the combination of human energy and customized signage. Why continue working with signs that fail to bring in the foot traffic when this signage solution brings in folks right from the corner of your street? Invest in spinner signs today!

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