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2 Apr 2015

Reel in Foot Traffic with Retail Window Graphics in Palm Beach County FL

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Window Graphics Palm Beach County FLWhen you do business in Palm Beach County, you know that the retail sector is going strong. Shopping malls are effective setup locations because they welcome plenty of foot traffic. Examples of these successful venues include the Boynton Beach Mall with its anchor stores and 135 (or so) specialty shops.

The Gardens Mall is even bigger and caters to an upscale clientele with about 160 shops and restaurants in addition to major anchor stores. Whether you operate a mall store or have set up your storefront somewhere else, you need retail store window graphics in Palm Beach County FL. This is a signage solution so many storeowners have come to rely on for foot traffic.  But, what are your options?

Branding and Marketing with Window Graphics

Etched vinyl window graphics Palm Beach County FLGenerating brand awareness and name recognition are two goals of any effective marketing campaign that targets passersby. Vinyl window graphics can make a huge impact here. When you install digital images of your more popular products – for a restaurant, these would be the most mouth-watering dishes that bring in the guests – you succeed at having your store associated with them. Shoppers know where to go to find green widgets. Even if other stores have this product, your retail location is the one that advertises them. This creates brand awareness and foot traffic.

Go further, and stand out by having your store’s name displayed on your windowpanes. Sure, you may already have a channel letter sign above the store’s entrance, but the glass panes also work well at marketing the name as well as the niche. Whenever you have the opportunity to display the name and logo – and perhaps a tag line or motto – take it. Just like a radio or TV ad jingle, the combination of the store name and the tag line can create positive name recognition with shoppers.

Beautification of the Storefront’s Curb Appeal

Vinyl Lettering Palm Beach County FLAttractive store windows create curb appeal. Curb appeal is inviting. Doing it with retail window graphics is quick, easy and effective.

  • Sense of completion. A storefront looks complete when a door features a perfectly centered display of the store’s name, logo and operating hours. For a retail business with a small-town neighborhood appeal, the look is complete with old-fashioned graphics that repeat the name and logo on the windows.
  • Beautification. Graphics have the power to beautify the store. Graphics that mimic frosted windows or etched accents enhance the appeal of your glass panes.
  • Seasonal appeal. Add to the seasonal appeal of your store simply by adding appropriate graphics. For Easter, they may include pastel colors and eggs as well as bunnies. For summer, consider graphics featuring sunshine, palm trees and the beach. Each season has its specific imagery that enhances the curb appeal of a store.

Ready to Make Good Use of Your Windows?

Get started on your order today by calling Stellar Signs & Graphics. Our professionals understand the importance of being the best sign company in Palm Beach County, FL. We work hard to help you stand out from the competition and appeal to shoppers. We can work with artwork you already have on file. Conversely, we gladly create a retail window graphics display from scratch.

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