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10 Oct 2016

How to Select the Best Exhibit Designer for Trade Show Displays in West Palm Beach

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Do you want to make an excellent first impression with your trade show displays in West Palm Beach? Are you concerned about introducing your brand, launching a new product, or highlighting a re-branded company with nothing less than the ideal expo setup? We can help. Working with an excellent exhibit designer can make the difference between a run of the mill appearance and one that stuns attendees, has crowds gathering in front of a booth, and results in plenty of contacts.

Do It Yourself vs. the Professional Touch

trade show displays in West Palm BeachDesigning the same inline booth exhibit with the same display features can look a thousand different ways. A professional brings a polished touch to the presentation, which relies on years of experience and formal training as well as the use of the latest trade show design software packages. A do-it-yourselfer may have plenty of enthusiasm, but it cannot make up for hands-on experience. Moreover, the pro knows the designs that are hot this year and the ones that may have been chic last year but no longer excite audiences. Choose a designer who combines these traits.

Getting on the Same Concept Page

trade show displays in West Palm BeachOur experts routinely work with clients who exhibit at their very first trade shows. We also assist those who are “old hands” on the trade show circuit and return every year. The trick here is to ensure that the client and our graphic artists are on the same page concerning the design. This meeting of the minds is the main reason why a design consultation is a crucial appointment that you simply cannot do without.

  • Spell out the message. What is the tenor of your message? Will you launch a new product, introduce a new service, or heighten brand awareness among consumers? The consultation is also the opportunity for the client to bring ideas to the table and for the designer to ask plenty of questions.
  • Decide on the displays. Do you prefer a modular setup or a fixed backdrop with banner stands, a podium, tabletop banners, and customized throws? Think through the accessories next. Examples include lighting components, iPad stands, literature racks, and TV monitor mounts. We can show you different ways of combining the various elements for the ideal configuration.
  • Evaluate your concept. If you find that it gets difficult to incorporate all the aspects of your concept into the booth’s overall design, it may be time to re-evaluate your setup. Remember that you do not want the display to be so crowded that it makes it difficult for attendees to take in your message.

Nuts and Bolts of Ordering Professional Trade Show Displays in West Palm Beach

trade show displays in West Palm BeachAt Stellar Signs & Graphics, we work with our clients to make their visions for the next trade show booth become a reality. Our experts stay within your budget, incorporate graphics that you already have on file, and provide you with years of expertise and training to achieve the chic and professional look that makes your business stand out. Call us today to schedule your design consultation!

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