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22 Apr 2016

Sole Escape Illuminates with Channel Letters in Lake Worth FL

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channel letters in Lake Worth FL

Located at 4075 South State Road 7, Sole Escape Foot Massage is a spa dedicated to indulging the well-being of feet. A beach-themed setting underscores the rest and relaxation this venue offers to visitors. Service packages include salt or sugar scrubs, aromatherapy, foot and full body massages. When this business needed one of the highly effective illuminated channel letter signs in Lake Worth, FL, the management team contacted our experts.

While consulting with the client, we learned that the business had not yet decided on a logo. We worked with the team to come up with a logo design that bespeaks the niche and ties into the company’s name. The channel letters present in a beach-themed light blue. The logo sits between “Sole” and “Escape.” We placed it over the box cabinet that displays the words “Foot Massage.” Consumers who see the sign instantly recognize the business’ trade and get a feel for the vibe on the inside. As a wayfinding marker, this product truly stands out in all the right ways.

What Makes Channel Letters so Popular?

The combination of a customized font display and illumination is an unbeatable mix of style elements. The font makes it possible for consumers to recognize your business without even reading the entire message. The lighting ensures that your lettering is easy to see by passersby and those in search of your storefront. After consulting with countless clients who chose to commission channel letters, we have put together a list of the top three reasons for choosing this signage option.

  1. Built-in illumination. Our customers like the fact that the lighting is built in.There is no need to rely on facade spotlights, landscape lighting or similar external light sources. The LEDs we use are durable and easy on energy consumption.
  2. Four types of illumination. Front lit, backlit, a combination of the two, and open-faced construction are the four choices to pick from. Each comes with its own appeal and benefits. The availability of the various styles lets you stand out among nearby competitors as well as those who are in the same niche. Branding has never been easier.
  3. Easy to combine with other signage. Adding a lightbox cabinet for the display of a logo or even just decorative style elements is a snap. Instead of clashing, the lettering works fantastic with other signage options.

Ordering Channel Letters in Lake Worth, FL

Discuss your signage needs with our professionals. We collaborate with you to design a look that uniquely suits your branding message and overall venue presentation. If you do not yet have a logo, you do not need to wait. Ask our graphic artists to create some sketches that might just be the ideal display you have been looking for all this time. From there, we put together signage drawings that let you see the marker through the eyes of a first-time customer. When you are satisfied with the look and color selection, we handle the permitting paperwork, manufacture, and installation of the product. Contact us today to get started on your project.

channel letters in Lake Worth FL, Illuminated channel letter signs in Lake Worth FL

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